Saturday, February 12, 2011

Laurie Anderson - 2007-06-11 - Budapest, Hungary


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Dr. Forrester said...

Laurie Anderson Performing Homeland in Budapest, 2007 June 11
Bartok Bela Nemzeti Hangersenyterem, Muveszetek Palotaja'
(Bela Bartok National Concert Hall, Palace of Arts)

This is an audience recording with a Portable Sony Hi-MD recorder, 44.1 kHz/16 bit, mode Sp,
on a Hi-MD, with a Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set, from row 6 middle (1 seat left of)

Hi-MiniDisc -> Mac OS X -> (Audacity) .aup -> exported as AIFF (Apple/SGI 16 bit PCM)
-> 16-bit Integer (Big Endian) Stereo, 44.100 kHz

-> encoded with xACT -> FLAC Total size 486 MB, duration 108 min

Homeland is in one flow, nothing is cut out, there is no editing, I made seperate tracks
also for applause in the end, tracks 19 and 21, as some like to play/keep them and some don't
When you burn your CD please note, make 0 sec between these files/tracks
I found the track names in various places on the net, like in several reviews that I found and translated

I wish to thank Laurie Anderson for outstanding words, music and performance, really breathtaking,
so very true, beautiful and soft, sharp and strong, my hero you are and my lifeline too, thank you!

Laurie Anderson words and music, vocals, one of a kind violin/viola, keyboards and samples
Okkyung Lee cello
Skuli Sverrison bass
Peter Scherer keyboards

d I 62:33
01 The Lark
02 Why Do People Hate Us
03 Transitory Life
04 Only An Expert
05 Maybe If I Fall
06 Short Fall
07 Tuvan Loop
08 The Underwear Gods
09 Out Of The Heart
10 Calling Them Up
11 Perfect

d II 45:40
12 Pictures And Things (w Voice Of Authority)
13 Instrumental, Musicians are introduced
14 Bodies In Motion
15 Sky Flying Birds
16 Lost Art Of Conversation
17 Flow
18 No Man's Land
19 Applause
20 LetX=X - It Tango
21 Applause

Dávid said...

any chance upload again? (the link is dead)