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LR - 1983-03-01 - New York (early show)


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed New York 01 March 1983 early show audience recording

Bottom Line
New York
01 March 1983
early show

01: Sweet Jane 4.35
02: Waiting For The Man 5.33
03: Martial Law 4.57
04: Sunday Morning 4.17
05: Sally Can't Dance 5.16
06: Don't Talk To Me About Work 2.55
07: Women 4.26
08: Waves Of Fear 5.12
09: Walk On The Wild Side 3.56
10: Pow Wow 3.03
11: Turn Out The Light 3.03
12: Underneath The Bottle 2.15
13: New Age 5.46
14: Betrayed 4.08
15: Average Guy 4.00
16: Charlie's Girl 3.52
17: Kill Your Sons 5.41
18: Satellite Of Love 8.56

19: Interview intro 0.06
20: Interview segment 1 2.10
21: Interview segment 2 2.56

(Interview by Steve Buttrick for SFX Magazine, London, February 1982)

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Robert Quine: guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass, vocals
Fred Maher: drums

lineage: 1st generation TDK SA90 cassette - (WavePad) - wav- flac (level 8) - you

original recording by EJ
transfer to wav September 2008 by lurid_uk
uploaded to Dime September 2008 by lurid_uk

The "comeback" shows:

Bottom Line, New York 25 February 1983 (2 shows)
Bottom Line, New York 26 February 1983 (2 shows)
Bottom Line, New York 28 February 1983 (2 shows) (filmed and subsequently released by RCA Records on VHS/DVD as "A Night With Lou Reed")
Bottom Line, New York 01 March 1983 (2 shows)
Studio 54, New York 08 March 1983

The 2 shows on 1st March were added later, presumably after the other 3 nights had sold out: they're not even listed in the Bottom Line website archive. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that Lou's performances at these '83 shows don't have the passion or intensity of his June 1980 shows at the same venue. The musicianship is excellent, and Quine's guitar is always superb, but it all seems too "controlled" for my drugs or booze allowed in the dressing room, and it shows!

This is a fair quality audience recording - in mono, a bit "boxy" and without much dynamic range. It's obviously incomplete, but I don't know how much is missing.

I had to cut small pieces of a couple of "officially released" songs out of this February 1982 "Blue Mask" promotional interview, so it sounds a little disjointed. But it's a real classic - Lou gets increasingly annoyed at the interviewer's questions and puts him firmly in his place before wrapping things up.

included with torrent files: Review of "Legendary Hearts", Melody Maker, London 26 March 1983