Thursday, April 28, 2011

PF - 1977-05-09 - Oakland - flac16


PF - 1977-05-09 - Mr Pig (alt)

Not sure why, exactly, but this alternate version was briefly circulated a few years ago. I expect a full, detailed report from everyone who downloads it!

PF - 1977-05-09 - Master Reel


PF - 1977-05-09 - Animal Instincts rev B

I recently shared 2 versions of this concert (scroll down a little). However, this just was not a sufficient number of versions for ... certain individuals. And, so, we will have 6 more versions in the next few days.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

PF - 1977-05-01 - Fort Worth, TX


PF - 1977-04-30 - Houston, TX


PF - 1977-04-26 - The Omni - Atlanta GA

PF - 1977-04-24 - Tampa Master

Island Promotionals

I was digging through the archives the other day when I happened upon this DVD. There was (many years ago) a low-budget film called Parts: The Clonus Horror. Someone decided to re-make it, but give it infinitely better effects and sort out the plot a bit. The re-make was released in 2005. Prior to the release, however, there was a huge amount of promotion. There were web sites and trailers and all manner of weirdness. I thought it was all much too cool for words & made a real effort at gathering it all together and making it easy to watch. If you're a sci-fi person, this may be of interest. Otherwise, probably best to move along. B-)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

PF - 1972-11-15 - The Great Gig In Boblingen (MOB version)

This one has a long, sordid story behind it. But, let's suffice to say that everyone owes a big Thank You to MOB. He came through for us - yet again. Be sure to send him some love.


PF - 1977-02-27 - Munich Machine

PF - 1977-02-25 - Paris


PF - 1977-02-20 - Antwerpen


PF - 1977-02-20 - Ducks on The Wall

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Film Editions

Some folks have been posting comments about their editions of this film, their memories of watching it for the first time, etc. The above are all of the editions that I have cluttering up my shelves. The blue VHS came first - back in the 1980s. The laserdisk came along in the 1990s, when I could afford to buy things like laserdisks from time to time, but could not afford anything so expensive as a player. I bought the VCD edition because, well, I'd heard that it was "official" and not a bootleg. (I'd previously believed all VCDs to be bootlegs.) When I watched it, it came through as black & white. Turns out that if you play PAL VCDs on NTSC DVD players on NTSC TV sets, one thing that can happen is that the film is shown in black & white. Weird. When the official DVD came out, well, obviously, I had to pick that up, because I hoped that it would address the various flaws in the film & there was the additional footage & there was Storm Thorgerson's involvement....

I guess it'll come as no surprise, coming from a guy who owns 4 different editions of this film, that my favorite edition of them all is this one.

Here are a few images sent in of the UK VHS edition -

PF - 1977-02-01 - Vienna, Austria

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RW - 2006-2008 - DSOTM Tour

Judgment Day

Just wanted to let you all know that today - 21-April-2011 - is the day that SkyNet becomes self-aware. Just another few weeks & we'll all either be dead or slaves of the cyborgs.

In the meantime, be sure to pick up some last minute Floyd to keep you thinking happy thoughts on the way out.

PF - 1977-02-01 - Desk Pig In Vienna

My Regards To Broad Street

I heard a rumour, lots of years ago, that David Gilmour and Paul McCartney performed together in a film called Give My Regards To Broad Street. I even knew a chap who had a dodgy VHS copy. But, honestly, I remembered almost nothing about the film these many years later. I guess it just wasn't the focus of my evening.

I hadn't heard about this connection again - so I'd more or less just dismissed it as nonsense. Just by chance, I happened to see that the film is available on DVD. I stuck it on my list of Things To Do - and it slowly rose to the top.

Here is the Straight Dope - Mr. Gilmour appears in the credits for one of the songs in the film - the song that is played during the credits. That's all. Although there are many songs played "live" in the film, this isn't one of them.

Now you know!!

PF - 1977-01-27 - Heartbeat Pigmeat


PF - 1977-01-27 - Frankfurt


PF - 1977-01-23 - Dortmund Westfalenhalle


PF - 1975-07-05 - Knebworth