Sunday, February 13, 2011

LR - 1972-11-01 - Mile End Sundown


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed Live at Mile end Sundown
1 November 1972

Cdr from trade Ë.aiff Ë.flac using Xact level 8

This is a two discs show

Disc one

01 White Light White Heat
02 Lonesome Cowboy Bill
03 I'm Waiting For the Man
04 Pale Blue Eyes
05 Some Kinda Love
06 Afterhours
07 Sweet Jane
08 Heroin

Disc two

09 Walk On The Wild Side
10 I Can't Stand It
11 Wagon Wheel
12 Rock'n'Roll
13 Sister Ray

I think this show was available here not so long ago, but since it's no more the case, I've decided to upload it again... Mg196 has posted the "Some Kinda Love" bootleg version of this, which is not complete, but in where the sound is better. Anyway, this is still a great show with correct sound.

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