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LR - 1971-03 - Private Home


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Lou Reed 1971-03 Richard and Lisa Robinson's Apt., New York, NY

Lou Reed
Richard and Lisa Robinson's Apartment
New York, NY

This recording consists of Lou Reed and Richard Robinson playing an electric guitar at the Robinsons' apartment. Sometimes it's Lou playing; sometimes it's Richard. In regards to the song titles listed below, sometimes complete versions of songs are played; at other times there are just fragments. There are also numerous, often simultaneous conversations going on between Lou, Richard, Lisa Robinson, and the writer Dave Marsh. Some of the discussions include Lou talking about putting the fourth chord into "Sweet Jane," a brief statement that Lou's first album was going to be produced by John Cale and released on Atlantic, some talk about the fact that David Bowie wanted to work with Lou, and Andre Segovia's statement that "The electric guitar is an abomination."

01 Part 1 (includes "What Goes On")
02 Part 2 (includes "Rock & Roll")
03 Part 3 ("Sweet Jane")
04 Part 4 ("The Bed")
05 Part 5 (Richard plays "Sweet Jane")
06 Part 6 ("You know, David Bowie wants to record with you.")
07 Part 7 ("Berlin")
08 Part 8 ("Berlin" and "New York Telephone Conversation")
09 Part 9 (Lou plays "Honky Tonk Women")
10 Part 10 ("Wild Child")
11 Part 11
12 Part 12 ("Jesus")
13 Part 13 ("Here Comes The Sun")
14 Part 14 (the intro to "Sweet Jane")
15 Part 15 ("Wagon Wheel")
16 Part 16 ("Wagon Wheel" again)
17 Part 17 ("I'm Waiting For The Man")
18 Part 18 (Lou and Dave talk about his new songs)

Total time: 42:16

From a cassette received in trade in 1973.
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