Monday, February 21, 2011

Magma - 1971-10-15 - Dizon


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Dr. Forrester said...

This is MAGMA Live 1971, all Informations about date, city and Venue are not confirmed. I got this years ago in trade as:

"Maison de la culture"
Dizon, Belgium

Unknown audience master > ? > cdr > eac > flac8

Like hanwaker, I got this years ago in trade from J. P. In his list this tape is labled as "10-15-71 Dizon/Belgium"
But if this is realy a tape from the 1971 tour in Belgium it must be later in the year.
Maybe the date is wrong, maybe the hand written word on the sheed means Dijon (France) or something else, I don't know ....
Any help welcome !!!

Time: 46:44

1. Stoah/"Iss" Lansei Doia (08:39)
2. Ki Iahl O Liahk (09:59)
3. Soi Soi (06:35)
4. band intro (03:47)
5: Mekanik Kommandöh (17:42)

Line up:
Vander, Blasquiz, Moze, Lasry, Cahen, Seffer, Toesca (Engel?)