Sunday, February 13, 2011

Administrative Stuff

Just wanted to break in quickly to say that my tower has not yet arrived, but hopefully early next week. *sigh*

We are at the point where, keeping with the alphabet theme, we should transition to a certain well known group. The Wizard known as ... Jim gave me some 250 GB of material from this band... and, then another friend (gunslinger287) gave me some 50 DVDs from the same band. I have been working feverishly to get everything sorted - eliminating the duplication, but preserving the source variety and so forth.

The up-side is that if you're a fan, soon you will have a relatively easy means to flesh out your collection a bit. The down-side is that it'll take well over a month to upload this much material. I think that people would start wondering if it would ever end & progress to something not LZ-related. I have been giving the matter some thought & I think that I know how I'll handle it. It'll mean waiting for the new tower, though.

In the meantime, we'll skip along to the next items... and, they're plenty strange, let me assure you.


wardo said...

It's quite a service you're providing. Thanks!

sewagewater said...

I agree! I would worry about giving us too much of any band! We can always use the time to catch up!

Anonymous said...

If it took a month to post the LZ material it would be a good month.
If it took two months to post the LZ
material it would be a great two month...and on and on.

Anonymous said...

Wow it's just mind blowing. So much great music. Thanks, man!

Appick said...

And to think that we had lost you a few months back! Thanks for everything.
I hadn't really thought about it being released alphabetically - you probably did mention at one point.

BUT that means we've finished with the J's (wot, no JT arrghhhh!!!!!) ... and that means P's are a very long way off (glup!) and you know who I'm waiting for - for that other special Treet! But that does mean M's ARe not far off and hopefully thIs means that there wiLL be a certain group I'm mentIONing in capitals!!!

This is fun!

Dr. Forrester said...

Appick -No fears.. I have some 12 concerts by that band that I intend to share. I have a friend who has over 800 concerts by that band. I think he even wrote a book about them. I was at dinner before a show with him once & the band came over and started chatting with him. Who were those blokes, I said. Oh, he said, that was the band, didn't you know?

As for the other band, I have some 26 or so additional shows that will be shared.

If you, or anyone else, would prefer, if you want to send a hard drive by snail mail, I would happily transfer the files for you. If the tension gets to be too much. B-)

Appick said...

Thanks for the offer but I'll just have to be patient - it'll be pricey since I live in France - although, I don't suppose that you could just send me your friend with "the over 800 concerts"?