Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vegetable Man Project - Vol 1

The official site is located over here. I only have just the first installment. If anyone has the others, I'd love to hear from you...

The idea behind the project is to have loads of different bands all covering the same song - one of Syd's least accessible numbers.

It's more than any normal person can bear.

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ASYD Vinyl

When this beauty came out, I tried to buy a copy with no success. They were apparently sold out before production. Happily, a few months later, I was able to pick one up second-hand. Sorry about the crappy image above - but that's really, honestly how the original looks... This is (as far as I know) the only Norwegian-manufactured music that I own. There are 19 songs. Some of them are really quite nice - such as the gentle cover of See Emily Play.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Jill Sobule - Promo CD

I removed three songs that are from Jill's recent Underdog Victorious CD. You will want to check that out. It's a great listen. But, I've left in all of the rest which are extremely obscure, even to the more hard core fans. There's even one that has never before (so far as I can determine) seen the light of day. For the Warren Zevon fans out there, yes, song number 9 is a cover of his song.

Pink Floyd - Just Warmin' Up

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Bootleg

Here is another bootleg that you can assemble in your own home - free of complicated downloads. Of course.... You'll need to speed up both albums by about 5% to get them both to fit on one CD. And... you'll probably want to use really crappy quality paper to make the booklet.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dark Side Of The Moon - Alan Parsons' Mix

A friend kindly shared this with me the other day. Very, very groovy stuff... You can listen to Alan Parsons' mix in dolby digital or in dts. Of course, you need the appropriate hardware.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad News

One of our kind visitors left links to this heavy metal madness.. There is no art in the archive, so you may wish to grab the above. The links are in the comments here. There is no Floyd connection.. But, this album was made by some of the same folks who made the Neil's Heavy Concept album. (Neil's the tall one in the image above.)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

KQED - Audio - HRV 034

By request, the latest audio release by those silly folks over at Harvested...

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Breakthrough - In Memory Of Richard Wright

This lovely DVD comes to us courtesy of a certain Slovakian friend of ours. These are his links, not mine. I have successfully downloaded and unpacked the .rar files. The .md5 files and art files are all included.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wish You Were Here

A Saucerful Of Secrets - Mono Edition

This extremely professional looking CD came out just after the official mono Piper first was issued on CD. It turned out to be a Japanese bootleg sourced from an extremely good vinyl transfer. If you don't have a very, very clear copy of the Mono Saucerful, this is one that you should tuck away somewhere...

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Do-It-Yourself Bootlegs - The Ultimate Collection

Have you ever wanted to assemble your own bootlegs from things you already have around your house? Well... Now you can! No messy downloads! Just print the art and assemble the tracks from the CDs that are already cluttering up your apartment!

Remember... If you don't have a copy of Piper and OBC burned on the same CD, your collection just isn't "ultimate". Hurry! Before it's too late!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paul Jones - Come Into My Music Box

This is a compilation that... Well.... Probably should've been avoided. In fact, let me just say that if you are anything but an obsessive die-hard Pink Floyd crazy person, you really should attempt to avoid this CD. Your sanity will be your reward.

There is a Pink Floyd connection - an intersection - on three songs. "My Advice To You" and "I Don't Believe You" both feature Mr. Nick Mason on drums. There is a reason that these songs are obscure. Few have lived to describe them to others.

When I heard that this CD was going to contain the song "The Committee", I phoned up the nice fellow who wrote the short story and film and asked him about the song. Paul Jones, as you may know, starred in the film "The Committee" - so it was only natural to think that he might record a song for the soundtrack.. But.. I'd seen the film and knew already that there wasn't a song in it remotely resembling anything that Jones had done. In the end, it turned out that Jones had written & recorded the song. It was played at the film's premier party. But, it was not used in the film itself. Once I received my copy of the CD, it became rather clear why this choice had been made as it had. The Floyd material, although very hastily assembled, was *absolutely* the better option.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beyond The Wildwood

From way back in 1987... This CD was available long before Syd's official albums came out on CD - so was the first time that I'd heard several of the songs. This is still my favorite version of "Rats" of all time. I have seen the LP version for sale on eBay a few times. But, the CD version is ... well, very rare.

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The Floydian Propulsion Project

Probably my all-time favorite CD of Pink Floyd covers. I've listened to it hundreds of times. I once bought over a dozen copies to hand out to people at a David Gilmour concert. This album takes a genuine love for Pink Floyd music and adds a healthy dose of general weirdness to create something entirely new.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dream Divers - In My Infant Air

An entire CD of Barrett covers. Quite nice really. They even do a lengthy reworking of Jugband Blues - something not often attempted.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

This Is Heaven

An obscure soundtrack containing four Syd Barrett covers!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

KQED - Rev A

Sorry about not getting to this one sooner... This is one of the classics of the Pink Floyd world. No collection is complete without it.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Ancestors - Brigadoon

This is another album that is the very definition of obscure. It was just on the cusp of being released when the music label and distribution company both collapsed (in 1994). The CDs were never sold in stores. Apparently, a few have filtered out here & there under mysterious circumstances. But, it was never available to the general public in the traditional manner of these things.

Song number 6 is called "Syd" - and, yes, it's about *that* Syd. It's not a cover song, rather a very nice tribute. The overall feel of this album is dark, moody, and heavy. There's loads of Moog synthesizer and fuzzed out guitar. In short, it falls directly into the "Progressive Rock" catagory - PROG.

Song number 12 is called "Helo" - and it's a much happier song. It's the sort of thing that, even after many, many listenings, continues to just elude me. There's clearly a story being told. I just want to sit down with the author (Joziah) and say, "OK, right, what the hell is this about, exactly ?"

You'll find quite a few empty tracks on the end... I didn't put them there by mistake. That's how my CD is, so that's how I am sharing it with you. I'm just as baffled as you will be. Don't be too hasty when deleting them, though.. There is something there towards the end that you'll want to keep.

I've got another Floyd DVD coming in about 2 days time. Until then, download this one, find somewhere dark & warm that you can spend some time & give this CD a listen. I think that you'll be glad that you did.


Mind Your Throats Please - final edition

This is another of those sordid tales... Many people were involved. Lots of money changed hands. Everyone had high hopes. But, in the end, I think everyone was disappointed - at least a little. Now... I am not going to go into the whole unpleasant affair. But, it is important to tell you at least a little of the story..

The creation of this DVD was a group effort. To keep everyone up to date with the various tweaking that was being done, rough draft copies were being mailed around, viewed, and improved upon.

When it came time to send the final edition to the duplication facility, a rough draft was accidently sent instead. To make matters worse, the duplication facility made an additional mistake - pressing the wrong master entirely to about half of the disks. So, if you were lucky, you got a rough draft of the Floyd material. If you weren't lucky, you got non-Floyd material.

Then... the troubles, which I won't go into, really got started. The upshot of all of the unpleasantness was that the final edition just got ... buried & forgotten.

Forgotten ... until now. I am very pleased to be able to share with you the DVD that was Supposed To Be. If you bought the original, if you got a digital clone, if you've never even heard about this project before today... This edition is one that you should own. (Please see the cover art for content details.)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving Soundtracks (Volume 1)

This one is just about as obscure as they come... This CD was issued back in 1991 in Belgium. Among other silliness, it features a cover of an unreleased Pink Floyd song. I first shared this song back here. But, that version was a pretty poor quality .mp3. For the first time, I am able to share the complete album in lossless. This comes to us thanks to our friend in Belgium, who has been searching for a copy for us for months. Hope you like it!!

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Hamburg - 1971

Often referred to as the Hamburg Film, this 11 minute film is actually from several stops along their German tour. Excellent quality... MMmmmmmm.....

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Neil's Heavy Concept Album

This a wonderful album containing many covers, including The Gnome. Further details here.

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REM - Non-Album Tracks

Back in the heady days of CD singles, bands used to put the big single out as the "A-side" and loads of non-album tracks as the "B-sides" - I think just to give the serious fan a reason to buy the thing. Of course, singles just don't stay in print very long. They quickly become something of a rarity. REM was a singles-intensive band for ages, so they have an unusually large non-album track catalog floating around out there... I bought this CD because it contains 2 cover songs that I adore. REM covered Syd Barrett's "Dark Globe" and Robyn Hitchcock's "Arms Of Love".

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It turns out that Track # 17 got corrupted somehow.. *sigh* Please grab it here.

Syd Barrett Tribute - Eternal Diamond

I thought it might be nice to do some cover songs & tributes for a little while... This is a very nice compilation of Barrett cover songs made shortly after his departure.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kate Bush - Aerial Radio Shows

Kate Bush only did one or two interviews to promote Aerial, her most recent album. The BBC did their best to make the most of them. There were 3 special radio shows that I know about. I captured the internet streams from the BBC website.

4-Nov-05 - Front Row - 715 pm - BBC 4
7-Nov-05 - Mark Radcliffe - 1030 pm BBC Radio 2
19-Nov-05 - Mark Radcliffe - 830 pm BBC Radio 2

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Monday, January 12, 2009

David Gilmour - In Concert

Taken from a 1 inch master tape, it's the best quality copy that you're likely to ever stumble across.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Syd Barrett Interview

Did you guys know that there is a new Barrett interview available for one dollar? How cool is that? Imagine how much this guy might've gotten for his tape on eBay. Instead, he's sharing for next to nothing.

Grab it, listen to it, and try to decide whom is the highest - the interviewer or interviewee.


More Julee

I updated the previous post, FYI. There is all manner of Julee related weirdness available there. I've got some groovy Floydian material brewing up now. Give it a day or so & you'll be swimming around.

Although it probably goes without saying, I created the Julee CDs more or less at random, as things filtered in. If you want to rearrange in some other, perhaps more pleasing or sensible way - have at it. In fact, if you do any substantial rebuilding, do us a favor and leave a comment with links & I'll update these posts or create a new one for you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Julee Cruise - Rarities

Julee Cruise was featured on the Twin Peaks soundtrack album as well as two other solo albums made by the same team. Several years later, she put out a truly solo album - completely different from her work with the Twin Peaks folks. It (and her web site) vanished almost immediately. All along, she has made guest appearances on loads of albums. Most of these are really nice. Sadly, much of her work is available only on promotional CDs and LPs - some is completely unreleased. I spent a fortune on eBay & put together a series of Rarities compilations for my own amusement.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work III

I remember seeing a Part IV to this series... But, I did not buy it. I believe that it was largely live performances. *sigh* If any Kate-obsessed folks out there happen to have a copy, I'd love to hear from you!

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Kate Bush - This Woman's Work II

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Kate Bush - This Woman's Work I

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kate Bush - This Woman's Live Work

I have quite a few live Kate Bush CDs. Unfortunately, they are all the same show - the Hammersmith Odeon show. The reason for this, as far as I can make out, is that it's fairly available and of good quality. Digging through the closet, I happened to come across this collection of various live pieces - mostly one-off appearances sitting in with her friends.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009