Monday, February 14, 2011

LR - 1977-03-22 - Stockholm



Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed live in Stockholm
Konserthuset 22 march 1977

Cdr from tradeË.aiff Ë.flac using Xact level 8


Disc one : rehearsal

01 How Do You Think It Feels
02 How Do You Think It Feels 2
03 Improvisation and Berlin
04 I m Waiting For The Man
05 Satellite Of Love
06 Improvisation

Disc two

07 Applause
08 Sweet Jane
09 Rock n Roll Heart
10 I Believe in Love
11 Lisa Says
12 I m Waiting For The Man
13 Lady Day
14 Satellite Of Love
15 Walk On The Wild Side
16 Berlin
17 Sheltered Life
18 Coney Island Baby
19 Vicious
20 How Do You Think It Feels

The first of the 1977, including the rehearsal. How Do You Think it Feels is not listed in Miquel Arakis List, but is including here (which is not surprising since it was played twice during the rehearsal). Sound from B- to B.

Enjoy and share


Anonymous said...

What a joy! My first show with Lou but far from last. He came back to Sweden a couple of month later & played the amusement park Grona Lund in august I believe. I recorded the show on cassett but that is long gone. However, I have seen it posted on a couple of forums but I've never been able to get it. Can you make mey day twice? Again, thanks!