Monday, February 28, 2011

MB - 1973-11-01 - Louisville


Dr. Forrester said...

The Moody Blues live at the Kentucky Fair And Expo Center, Louisville, Kentucky 1973-11-03 AUD (Rainbow_Glo) mp3 samples and artwork included

Here's a classic, "top ten performance" by the Moody Blues!

This recording is almost always found in mp3 format (when you can find it at all), so I have to give many thanks to Dime member Rainbow_Glo for providing a lossless copy to share with you all.


Disk 1

Higher And Higher
Out And In
The Story In Your Eyes
One More Time To Live
Tuesday Afternoon
Legend Of A Mind
Watching And Waiting
Eternity Road

Disk 2

Melancholy Man
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt1/ The Voyage/ Have You Heard? Pt2
Nights In White Satin
I'm Just A Singer
Ride My Seesaw

Lineage and Technical data: Trade cdrs (unknown lineage, most likely low)->FLAC->Flac Frontend->WAV->Sound Forge 6.0 ->assembly as one WAV file per disk->Clipped Peak Restoration suite and channel balancing->FLAC via Flac frontend Level 6, sectors aligned and verified.
The right channel of the source material had a fair amount of digital clipping, which was removed. The level was then roughly matched to the left channel. No EQ or NR was used. It's possible that some prior work was done on the sound files, as frequencies north of approximately 8,800hz were too severely attenuated to recover. Listen to the samples!


A DoinkerTape

X said...

The text says 1973-11-03 but the artwork says 1973-11-01. Any idea which is correct?

I notice that the other date you have for 1973-11-01 is actually mostly 1974-01-30 although two tracks come from the earlier date. Neither of these two tracks is present on this 1973-11-01 release.

Dr. Forrester said...

Personally, I have no idea whatsoever. However, if I were you, I would probably try to contact Doinker. He's been known to hang around Yeeshkul. You could probably catch him in the forums.