Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LR - 1980-06-02 - New York (late show)


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed New York 02 June 1980 late show audience recording

Bottom Line
New York
02 June 1980
late show

track 01: Sweet Jane 5.35
track 02: Real Good Time Together 3.48
track 03: I'm Waiting For My Man 3.57
track 04: Coney Island Baby 6.30
track 05: So Alone 4.15
track 06: Vicious 2.55
track 07: Walk On The Wild Side 8.05
track 08: Standing On Ceremony 3.49
track 09: Heroin 11.49
track 10: Keep Away 3.54
track 11: The Kids 4.54
track 12: Caroline Says 2 5.51
track 13: The Power Of Positive Drinking 2.56
track 14: How Do You Speak To An Angel? 4.41
track 15: My Old Man 4.30
track 16: Street Hassle (incomplete) 2.21

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Stuart Heinrich: guitar synthesiser
Chuck Hammer: guitar
Ellard "Moose" Bowles: bass
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Michael Suchorsky: drums

lineage: MAXELL XL11 cassette - (WavePad) - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you

original recording engineer unknown
transfer to WAV July 2008 by lurid_uk
uploaded to Dime July 2008 by lurid_uk

The late show on 02 June 1980 was the last of Lou's "warm-up" shows at the Bottom Line before he departed on a short European tour. Maybe it's a hangover of him having lost his temper after the verbal abuse of the early show, but Lou seems to interact less with the audience. It's a far straighter, more "professional" presentation - possibly he's just preparing himself for the upcoming tour. The European shows would mostly take place in big, football stadium-sized auditoria, not really the sorts of places which would encourage much interaction with a (foreign) audience.

This audience recording is incomplete. Also, the quality isn't quite as good as it is with the other shows from this residency - the audience seem a bit more boisterous and the recorder was possbly further from the stage.