Monday, February 14, 2011

LR - 1974-08-25 - Sydney


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed live in Sydney
Hordern Pavillion 25 August 1974

Cdr from trade Ë.aiff Ë.flac using Xact level 8

This is a two cd show

Disc one

01 Intro
02 Sweet Jane
03 Vicious
04 Ride Sally ride
05 Heroin
06 Sally Can't Dance
07 Lady Day

disc two

08 I m Waiting For The Man
09 Oh Jim
10 Walk On The Wild Side
11 White Light White Heat
12 Good Night Ladies
13 Rock n Roll

Quita a nice show with correct sound, B or B+ I guess. This is the source used for the Blonde Have More Fun bootleg. Nice Lady Day and Oh JIm, with a drum solo.
According to Miquel Arakis Lou played three times at the Hordern Pavillion during august 1974 : the 20, the 21 and the 22. The 21 show is supposed to be the sourced of the Blondes Have More Fun Bootleg.
But this show which is actually the Complete Blonde Have More Fun recording is supposed to have been taped the 25. I Got it from a guy who told me that he had it directly from the guy who has taped the show, which could be a complete lie. But, with this record was a cover in which you had a scan of the ticket for this show. And, on this ticket, it's written Lou Reed in Concert Sunday 25 August 1974...
So, I've quote it as a 25 August show, but I'm not sure of that. If anybody has the other Sydney shows from that tour, please upload it, and maybe things will become a little more clear.

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