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LR - 1974-05-14 - Stockholm

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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed
Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden
May 14, 1974

Stoned Records STONED 6

Swedish FM radio > unknown > LP > unknown > audio CD-R > extracted with
EAC, no errors reported > FLAC

source unknown (liberated bootleg)
excellent quality

1. Oh Jim (7:22)
2. Walk on the Wild Side (4:40)
3. Waiting for My Man (8:15)
4. Lady Day (3:49)
5. Ride Sally Ride (4:08)
6. White Light/White Heat (5:30)
7. Sister Ray (7:42)
8. Lou talks crazy talk (0:32)

Total: 41:53

Lou Reed - vocals
Danny Weis - guitar
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Prakash John - bass
Pentti "Whitey" Glan - Drums

Still perhaps Lou's best live set and most treasured bootleg after all
these years, this May '74 recording was first issued as "Stiff on His
Legend" back in the seventies. It went through a few lp variations and
has been made available in several CD versions also, some of which
include 3 more tracks from the same show (Sweet Jane, Vicious, Rock and
Roll). Recorded in Stockholm at the beginning of Lou's infamous Sally
pharmaceutical tour, he's in top punk form. A classic bootleg in every


rednoise's note: I got this off usenet in 2003. It's obviously from a
vinyl source, as you can occasionally hear a bit of surface noise.
Still, it sounds excellent, and the performace is great.

Dr. Forrester said...

Source 2 info -

Lou Reed
May 14, 1974
Stockholm, Sweden

Complete set - correct speed and running order.

This is an upgrade over what is posted at:

This copy here is edited together into the correct show running order, as corrected in the comments of the previous seed. Quite a few other minor vinyl clicks were repaired (mostly in Sister Ray) - Sorry but when vinyl is in the lineage, there are always more minor improvements that can be done with the Pro Tools pencil tool... A short dropout in Vicious was also smoothed out. Sorry for the extra bandwidth but it should be worth the extra download to get this great quality recording even better...

disc 1 - main set - 74:42
101 [10:31] Intro > Sweet Jane
102 [07:18] Vicious
103 [04:03] Ride Sally Ride
104 [11:11] Heroin
105 [03:49] Lady Day
106 [08:32] I'm Waiting For The Man
107 [07:43] Oh Jim
108 [04:41] Walk On The Wild Side
109 [11:09] Rock and Roll
110 [05:33] White Light/White Heat
112 [00:12] thanks and crowd before encore

disc 2 - encore - 8:10
201 [08:10] Sister Ray (complete)

The Band
Lou Reed - vocals
Danny Weis - guitar
Prakash John - bass guitar
Penti "Whitey" Glan - drums
Michael Fonfara - keyboards

Other notes: The Swedish state radio company gave Lou and his new live band studio time for rehearsals and then the first show of the tour at the Concerthouse in Stockholm was recorded for FM brodcast for the radioshow "Tonkraft".

I burned this with just the encore on a second disc, but the show can be split elsewhere or left as the full show on a hard disk if desired (the disc transition is seamless).

1. Second generation pre-broadcast 1/2 track reel recorded at 7.5 ips speed.
2. Second (or possibly third) generation pre-broadcast 1/4 track reel recorded at 7.5 ips speed.
3. Vinyl bootleg "What Ever Happened To Dick & Steve?".

THANKS to all of the many seeders of this excellent show!!

Enjoy and SHARE!

Dr. Forrester said...

Source 3 info -

Lou Reed Stockholm 1974-05-14 Upgrade

The Swedish state radio company gave Lou and his new live band studio time for rehersals. Then the first show of the tour at the Concerthouse in Stockholm was then recorded for FM brodcast (for the radioshow "Tonkraft") . This torrent is in my opinion an upgrade from earlier. This one have never been circulated before.

ReelToReel 2 track 19cm/s (second generation not from the brodcast)->Cool Edit Pro->Flac (RR)
Vinyl Bootleg "What Ever Happened To Dick & Steve"->Cool Edit Pro->Flac (LP)

"Sister Ray" is a bit edited (about a minute is deleted) so the show fits on a single CD (79:28).

The Band
Lou Reed - Vocals
Danny Weis - Guitar
Prakash John - Bass Guitar
Penti "Whitey" Glan - Drums
Michael Fonfara - Keyboards, Organ

01. Intro/Sweet Jane (RR)
02. Vicious (RR)
03. Ride Sally Ride (RR)
04. Heroin (RR)
05. Oh Jim (RR)
06. Walk On The Wild Side (RR)
07. Rock 'n' Roll (RR)
08. I'm Waiting For The Man (LP)
09. Lady Day (LP)
10. White Light/White Heat (LP)
11. Sister Ray (LP)