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LR - 1977-03-26 - Lund 1st gen


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed Lund 26 March 1977 1st gen

Lou Reed

Olympen Theatre, Lund, Sweden

26th March 1977

track 01: Sweet Jane 3.39
track 02: I'm Waiting For The Man 6.18
track 03: Rock And Roll Heart 2.50
track 04: Heroin 8.16
track 06: Walk On The Wild Side 4.58
track 07: Vicious 3.24
track 08: Coney Island Baby 8.02
track 09: Berlin 5.46
track 10: White Light/White Heat 3.12
track 11: Kicks 7.27
track 12: Sister Ray 11.04
track 13: Lisa Says 7.13

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Roth: guitar
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Bruce Yaw: bass
Marty Fogel: saxophone
Michael Suchorsky: drums

lineage: 1st generation cassette - CDr - EAC - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you

EAC log file included

One of the first shows of his early 1977 european tour to (nominally) promote "Rock And Roll Heart" - Lou was being touted as the "godfather of punk" by the record company and had a reputation to live up to. I dont think he disappointed anyone with this show - always one of my favourites from this tour. An excellent quality stereo audience recording - there are a few glitches but I dont think they spoil the listening experience. Unless someone out there is sitting on a soundboard of this show then I think that this is as good as it's going to get.

After abandoning his guitar for most of the late 1976 "TV sets" US tour, Lou is back playing dirty licks as if he really means it. The band rocks and the atmosphere is electric - Lou only pays lip service to the new LP and delivers a killer set. White Light/White Heat is taken at breakneck speed, "Kicks" crackles with smouldering menace and "Sister Ray" is a frantic feedback and sax frenzy with Lou's manic speedfreak vocals.
....and then he comes out and delivers an almost tender "Lisa Says" as the final encore