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Gandalf Murphy - 2011-06-23 - Acorn Theater

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This was a wonderful venue in Three Oaks, MI. The band got a little playful, performing some of their rarely-played-live material such as a cover of Yellow Submarine (Beatles). Mostly, though, this is material from their latest album, "The Grand Slambovians". The film is up close, unobstructed, and sounds great.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gandalf Murphy - 2010-07-15 - Vestal, NY

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This is a great introductory film for anyone who is looking for a gentle way inside. Amazing quality! One of my favorite moments in this film is the mash-up of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues with Pinball Wizard by The Who. Another tune to keep an open eye out for is called "The Great Unravel". This is a *wonderful* performance.

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Gandalf Murphy - 2011-06-25 - Hayward WI

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This show was filmed from the second or third row. The theater in Hayward is a converted movie theater, so the seating is on an incline, which is absolutely perfect. I made the 10 hour drive three times to Hayward to see Gandalf Murphy there. The last time, it happened to be during their local festival. Hayward is also the home of the North American Fishing Hall of Fame. It's a strange place. B-)

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Gandalf Murphy - 2011-06-24 - Evanston IL

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Filmed from the first row, the show features an incredible version of "Tink" during which Sharkey (the lead guitarist) plays slide mandolin.

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A Pantry Ballet

Found this strange little guy in the Kansas City Art Museum.

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The Path Forward

I still haven't decided exactly what should be done. However, I did change one blog to invitation only. If you want an invitation, please send me an email or leave your email address in a comment. Limit 100 people. I doubt I'll get that many, but, hey, thought I would throw that out there.

We're Done

Looks like we've had 2 files reported as being violations. One was a Men Of Leisure release. The other was a LZ release. Both are audience recordings.

That's about 2.5 TB of material on HFile that has gone away. It's madness.

Hope you all have good lives!

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Tyrant King - A Review

Yet another strange piece of history has recently fallen out of the archives. This is a 6 episode children's mystery series. It was shown only once, back in 1968. The soundtrack features music by the Moody Blues, Cream, The Nice, and (of course) Pink Floyd. I have watched a few episodes now & have heard sections of Astronomy Domine, Pow R Toc H, Corporal Clegg, and Jugband Blues. This series was filmed in color, but only broadcast in black & white. Because the creators of the DVD have gone back to the original elements, we have a much improved product. Sadly, however, the sound is still mono. The dialog is often not terribly clear and the volume levels jump up & down fairly often.

This is a dual-layer DVD. The sampling rate for the picture is the highest possible. This would almost certainly have been different here in the USA. Our obscure DVDs are pretty much always issued on single-layer disks at fairly marginal quality. Someone really cared about creating a good product.

The only real problem is that the disk is "locked" to Region 2. If you live outside Region 2 (as I do), you will want to have a solution prepared in advance to avoid frustration. There are multi-region DVD players available. DVD drives on computers have Region codes in their firmware. You can change the code on a drive to Region 2. There is also software that will allow you to emulate a Region 2 drive.

Whatever solution you choose, be sure to give it some thought ahead of time. But, take the time. This is a great disk & it deserves a home in your archives. (especially if you or your children like slightly campy 1960s mysteries!)


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Brushes With Greatness - Steve Blame

I shared a 4 DVD set called "Celebration Day" back here. The show features an exclusive interview of David Gilmour by a chap called Steve Blame. It was with some surprise that I opened the mails today and found the above three photos. Please click on the image to see the full-quality scan.

Steve, if you are reading this, you are a cool & froody guy. Thank You for the photos. Thanks, also, for weasling your way into an interview with Mr. Gilmour & for sharing it with all of the rest of us. Much Appreciated!


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