Monday, February 28, 2011

MB - 1979-05-25 - Seattle

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Dr. Forrester said...

Pre-FM ABC Radio Supergroups In Concert broadcast vinyl LP's>CD-R>Roxio CD Spin Doctor (tracking only)>xACT>Flac

If you love the Moodies, you have to have this concert/interview set. How can anyone resist a professional, quality soundboard of an unreleased performance? The concert is complete, and the entire broadcast was left intact, with brief interviews interspersed with less brief chunks of concert. It was a treat for me, because there's so few Moody boots from this era, and while this recording is not a perfect mix, it's pretty clean and will easily blow away any audience recording you might find. The vinyl was luckily in pretty good shape for it's age, despite a scary-looking water stain that was on it's outer box. It smelled like an old trunk full of musty books.

I carefully cleaned these with my Groovmaster cleaning kit to remove any possible molding. This has become a very pleasant ritual for me, as my turntable and receiver are now 2 years older than this record set, and I still find myself buying it gifts. :-)

The cue sheet that came with these discs explains how the set was only loaned to radio stations for 24 hours. Roughly 200 radio stations were selected for a one-time broadcast on Saturday, June 14, 1979 to play from 8-10 pm local time. Subsequent rebroadcasts must have occurred, since this set is marked with the single broadcast date of June 21st, 1980. In the 90's a set like this went for prices in the hundreds of dollars, and included promo photos, a press release and print ads along with the cue sheet and broadcast log.