Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LR - 1979-03-29 - Hamburg


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Dr. Forrester said...

Band: Lou Reed
Date: 29 March 1979
Venue: Hamburg, WEST GERMANY

Taper: Thorsten H. (Badfingerlou)
Analog-2-Digital Conversion: Michael G. (mg196)

Lineage: Philips Mono Portable Recorder -> 1st Gen Master Fe (ferro) Cassette -> Pioneer CT-F1250 (normal bias/no noise reduction/set for Ferro) into an iMac G4 -> Audio Hijack (analog-2-digital conversion) -> .aiff -> Peak4 (track splitting) -> xACT .flac conversion


Disc 1
1 Sweet Jane
2 Coney Island Baby
3 Perfect Day
4 I'm Waiting For My Man
5 Candy Says

Disc 2
6 Looking For Love
7 Berlin
8 Men Of Good Fortune
9 Caroline Says I
10 The Kids
11 The Bed
12 Street Hassle
13 The Bells
14 Rock & Roll > Keep Me Hangin' On

QUALITY: This show is a significantly better recording than the Mannheim show I posted. I would rate this as a B/B+. The sound drops out of the right channel a couple times, but this tape is in MUCH better condition than the Mannheim recording was.

As before, I have edited out some unnecessary stuff like long applause, but never did I cut out any of the music. Not a single note. I equalized the channels as best I could and used no noise reduction/filters.

THE SHOW: The Mannheim show had "I'm Sticking With You," but the Hamburg show has a couple pleasant surprises as well. I always liked "Looking for Love." I wonder if they ever laid that down in the studio?!