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LR - 1973-09-01 - Massachusetts


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Dr. Forrester said...

Lou Reed
Tanglewood Festival
Music Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts
1 Sept 1973

85 minutes, 485 MB FLAC (level 8/Verify/align on sector boundaries)

1. Intro
2. Prelude
3. Sweet Jane
4. How Do You Think It Feels?
5. Caroline Says I
6. I'm Waiting For The Man
7. Satellite Of Love
8. Walk On The Wild Side
9. Oh Jim
10. I'll Be Your Mirror
11. Pale Blue Eyes
12. Heroin

13. White Light/White Heat
14. Vicious
15. Rock And Roll

16. Sister Ray

The opening night of the "Berlin" aka the "Rock and Roll Animal" tour,
as captured by an excellent audience recording (certainly for its time).
To boot, this particular transfer comes straight from the master tape,
making this a huge upgrade compared to the version available on discs 1 & 2
of the "Rock and Roll Mammal" bootleg (all the same, kudos to "mg196" for
having seeded that one in the first place and so, indirectly, spurring
this release). You all should thank "tradetheory" for this, who generously
sent me CD-R copies of the discs which he received directly from the taper!

After ripping the tracks from the CD-Rs (EAC log-files included), a handful
of clicks were removed using SoundForge's pen tool (most notably one at the
end of "Satellite Of Love" and another in "Sister Ray"). I've also
smoothened the transition between "Caroline Says I" and "I'm Waiting For
The Man". Otherwise no processing of any kind was necessary. I did change
the track splits slightly.

Two final notes, as reported by "tradetheory": "the reason that the sound
quality changes in the middle of Sister Ray is that everyone in the crowd
was standing up at that point, so the taper got up off the ground, stood up,
and held his little $25 Radio Shack tape recorder above the crowd's heads.
And that is a dog's stifled bark in the middle of Satellite of Love--a seeing
eye dog belonging to a blind girl at the show."

The fade-out at the end of "Pale Blue Eyes" was already there on the copy
that I received; in addition, you'll find that the last track of disc 1 and
the first one on disc 2 can be joined perfectly (i.e., no fade-out or -in).
Still, I have kept "Heroin" at the end of disc 1, just as it was on the CD-Rs
that I've gotten from "tradetheory", because I feel that the song makes more
sense coming after the acoustic intermezzo (you know, trying to preserve the
flow of the concert). So, there are several possibilities for burning this
recording on CD:
- you can keep the order in which the tracks are here being seeded;
- you can move "Heroin" to the start of disc 2 without having to perform any
additional sound editing;
- you could even burn the main set on a single disc and put the encore of
"Sister Ray" on a separate one.

Anyway, prepare yourself to blown away (or, at least, make sure to put a
soft cushion under your jaw, as it is bound to drop when you hear this!).