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MO - 1973-06-25 - QEH


Dr. Forrester said...

Source 1 info -

Mike Oldfield
Queen Elizabeth Hall
London, UK

Lineage: Unknown, probably Sbd.

Set list:

Tubular Bells, Pt. 1
Tubular Bells, Pt. 2


Mike Oldfield
Mick Taylor
Steve Hillage
Fred Frith
Ted Speight
Vivian Stanshall

Dr. Forrester said...

Queen Elizabeth Hall - London, England
Monday, 25 June 1973

1. Tubular Bells (part 1) 28:49
2. Tubular Bells (part 2) 28:33

NOTES: I'll try to keep it brief. Repairs were limited mainly to getting rid of the dropouts (there were many including a huge one in the left channel only during Part One) and trying to drop the noise/hiss levels without ruining the music. Someone pointed out that it almost sounds as if Part One and Part Two came from different sources. The difference in the noise levels is considerable. When attempting to remove the noise in Part Two to the degree I did with Part One, the glockenspiel dissappeared. After several tries I abandoned any further attempts to match each track and just got the best I could for each one. Part One came out better in my opinion but noise levels on both are noticeably reduced.

I also reconstituted the missing notes from the beginning of Part One by splicing/blending from the next full measure. There is also an edit (tape flip) during the 'Piltdown Man' section of Part Two. I faded the track down and back up at the edit so that it's not quite so abrupt.

There are two versions included; one with the dropouts repaired before the noise reduction was applied and one after noise reduction and final EQ. This way, if someone wants to/can improve upon the work they'll benefit from the dropout repairs already being done with no noise reduction applied.

It's not perfect but it's the best I can do with the tools i presently have. I guess that's it.

SR - 06 January 2008

LINEAGE (NR version): Silver CD > CDR > EAC > repairs (Nero Wave Editor, n-Track Studio & DC Millennium) > Wavtrim > SHNTool > FLAC Frontend (level 8) > Nero (CDR burn)

Mike Oldfield: lowery organ, bass, acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin and prehistoric poem
David Bedford: grand piano, accordion, organ, choir master, string arrangement
John Greaves: farfisa organ, electric piano, tin whistle
Fred Frith: electric and bass guitars
Tim Hodgkinson: organ, electric piano, fender rhodes
Mick Taylor: electric guitar
Steve Hillage: electric guitar
Pierre Moerlen: glockenspiel, timpani, tubular bells, gongs, cymbals, tam tam
Steve Broughton: drums
John Leig: flute
Jon Field: flute
Terry Oldfield: flute
Viv Stanshall: master of ceremonies
Tom Newman: nasal chorus
Girlie Chorus (12, including Sally Oldfield and Mundy Ellis)

PART TWO had Ted Speight (electric guitar) Kevin Ayers (bass) Vulpy (viola) Nick Haley (violin) Ashley Mason (viola) Simon Ingram Hill (cello and organ) Janet Townley (violin).

Steve Winwood was due to play but could not make rehearsals due to pressure of work. Robert Wyatt broke his back and so had an even better excuse

One significance of this show is as a 'premiere'. This sense of an event, or formal launch, has been reproduced for all the Tubular Bells albums and latterly, the Berlin Millennium concert. The story often told is of Mike withdrawing shortly before the concert in panic and being finally persuaded to do it when Richard Branson offered him an old Bentley that used to belong to Mary Hopkin. Does this have overtones of the Sallyangie gig at the Royal Festival Hall or was it simply a severe attack of stage fright? David Bedford recalled that
Viv Stanshall cocked up the announcements by introducing instruments not due in.

sewagewater said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much for the Oldfield and Marillion!

Anonymous said...

Listening to this recording brings me back to hauntings and night terrors of old.

Anonymous said...

There is a newer, better 1st gen. version of this radio broadcast that was shared on Dime by Mike Martin (Flying M Production) last September (2010) that is definitely worth checking out!!!

Anonymous said...

When i saw these listed as 'MO' i got scared for a second and thought it might be 'Mahavishnu Orchestra' posts! ;)