Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LR - 1979-04-04 - Mannheim


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Dr. Forrester said...

Band: Lou Reed
Date: 04 April 1979
Venue: Mozartsaal, Mannheim, WEST GERMANY

Taper: Thorsten H. (Badfingerlou)
Analog-2-Digital Conversion: Michael G. (mg196)

Lineage: Portable Recorder -> 1st Gen Master Fe (ferro) Cassette -> Pioneer CT-F1250 (normal bias/no noise reduction/set for Ferro) into an iMac G4 -> Audio Hijack (analog-2-digital conversion) -> .aiff -> Peak4 (track splitting) -> xACT .flac conversion

Tracklist (155 minutes total):

1 sweet jane
2 i'm waiting for my man
3 leave me alone
4 ...anyone who doesnt wanna see the show and wants to sit here and be an asshole, why dont you go ask for your money back and leave...
5 coney island baby I
6 coney island baby II
7 i'll be your mirror
8 perfect day
9 looking for love
10 berlin
11 the kids
12 the bed
13 sad song
14 street hassle
15 i'm sticking with you
16 walk on the wild side
17 the bells
18 rock & roll
19 band intros
20 keep me hangin' on

Note: 18/19/20 is actually all part of the same 33-minute medley/jam, but I split it into 3 tracks

You have no idea how difficult this transfer was! Twenty-five year old cassettes being run through primo equipment can be a recipe for disaster! A couple near-disasters, some scotch tape (celo for you Brits), and a helluva lot of patience got this conversion done!

I have edited out a lot of extra space, 10-minute applause and things of that nature. I never edited any music. Zero.

THE EQUIPMENT: I use a Pioneer CT-F1250 for all of my cassette-tape needs. It was just recently completely refurbished with new rollers and belts, so this thing will play cassettes just as good as it ever did. The 1250 was set for normal bias, no noise reduction, and "Fe" for ferro tapes. I ran it into my iMac G4 with an iMic, which I have found to be an absolutely splendid device. Look for a picture of it online and drool. This machine is a beauty.

THE SHOW: Thorsten told me about this show and I HAD to have it! A bunch of American soldiers were in the audience screaming, throwing things at the stage, and generally causing a fuss and pissing off Lou. He stopped the show after CIB, only to come back out about 15 minutes later and play it again, completing the show without any more interruptions. The soldiers wanted the hard stuff, but Lou was in his softer, Berlin-mode.

QUALITY: I would rate this a B/B-. A decent audience recording, but the tape has definitely aged a bit with sound sometimes dropping a bit in one channel or another. All-in-all I'd say a solid 7.5 out of 10.