Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marillion - 1982-1983 - Early Years Collection


Dr. Forrester said...

Early Years Collection 1982-1983

Compilation of demos, sessions and historic live recordings.

Lineup (unless otherwise stated):
Fish: vocals, percussion
Steve Rothery: guitar
Mick Pointer: drums
Mark Kelly: keyboards (set 2 onwards)
Pete Trewavas: bass (set 3 onwards)

Set 1:
Roxon session 18th and 19th July 1981
Roxon studios, Oxford
Produced by Les Payne

Lineage: original promo cassette > CDR > HD (aiff) iTunes (safemode) > flac (Xact)

1. He Knows You Know
2. Garden Party
3. Charting The Single

Diz Minnitt: bass
Brian Jelliman: keyboards

Set 2:
BBC Radio One Friday Rock session 6th January 1982
BBC Maidavale studios, London
Produced by Tony Wilson
Engineered: Dave Dade

Lineage: BBC master reel > HD (wav)? > CDR > HD (aiff) iTunes (safemode) > flac (Xact)

4. Forgotten Sons
5. Three Boats Down From the Candy
6. The Web

Diz Minnitt: bass

Set 3:
Moles Club, Bath 17th July 1982

On stage microphone recording.
Lineage: 1st gen cassette* > HD (aiff) > flac (Xact)

7. She Chameleon
8. Chelsea Monday
9. Market Square Heroes

Set 4:
Limit Club, Sheffield 19th August 1982

On stage microphone recording.
Lineage: 1st gen cassette* > HD (aiff) > flac (Xact)

10. Institution Waltz

Set 5:
EMI Contract Demo ('fair deal session') 6th September 1982
EMI studios, London
Producer: Dave Hitchcock

Lineage: EMI master reel > cassette (?) > CDR > HD (aiff) iTunes (safemode) > flac (Xact)

11. Market Square Heroes
12. Three Boats Down

note: Grendel from this session is officially released on the 'Script For a Jester's Tear' 2CD remaster.

Both live recordings come from a cassette copy of a band members own tapes. Can't say more I'm afraid. The BBC session was digitised directly from the BBC master reel and has never been out of the digital domain since. The Roxon session was digitised from one of the original promo cassettes - not by me. I was leant a CDR of this and I have been assured it has never been out of the digital domain after the original copy - it certainly doesn't sound like it has. The EMI demo is slightly hissy and a little distorted, I suspect it has been through 2 generations of cassette, but I got it on a CDR (with the Roxon tracks). I have not heard this session in better quality - yet!

Anonymous said...

I was curious to know what was coming after Magma - so glad to see Marillion. Thank you for these wonderful live shows!

Appick said...

This is going to be fun. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks this looks great