Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LR - 1978-03-22 - San Francisco

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Dr. Forrester said...

Source 1 info -

Lou Reed
Venue Old Waldorf, San Francisco
Date 22 march 1978

Sound quality A
Broadcasted at KSAN FM

Lineage CD R from trade Ë .aiffË .flac using Xact level 8

Set list only songs Broadcasted

01 Gimme some Good Times
02 Satellite of Love
08 Piste audio
07 Sweet Jane
06 Walk On The Wild Side
05 Coney Island Baby
04 Lisa Says
03 Leave Me Alone

I love this show
Enjoy it and share

Dr. Forrester said...

Source 2 info -

Lou Reed San Francisco 22 March 1978 1st gen from KSAN FM Broadcast

Old Waldorf Theatre, San Francisco

22 March 1978

KSAN FM broadcast

track 01: Gimme Some Good Times 3.20
track 02: Satellite Of Love 6.42
track 03: Leave Me Alone 13.32
track 04: Lisa Says 7.10
track 05: Coney Island Baby 9.38
track 06: Sweet Jane 4.07
track 07: Rock And Roll 7.29

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Stuart Heinrich: guitar
Ellard "Moose" Boles: bass
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Marty Fogel: sax
Michael Suchorsky: drums
Angela Howard: backing vocals
Christine Faith: backing vocals

lineage: 1st gen TDK SA cassette copy of FM broadcast - WAV - FLAC (level 8) - you

After a couple of warm-up shows at the Bottom Line in New York, Lou's US tour to promote "Street Hassle" started on the west coast at the end of March and worked it's way eastward. Many of the shows were broadcast by local FM stations and KSAN captured this one from the Old Waldorf Theatre in San Fransisco. Lou's on top form and the band are hot. Lou does his best "James Brown" impersonation during "Leave Me Alone", and delivers a passionate version of "Coney Island Baby", dedicating it to "...Lou and Rachel, and all the kids at PS192". And another great version of "Lisa Says".

Sound quality is excellent. I used EAC to correct dc offsets and balance up the channels, but otherwise it's just as it came off the cassette.