Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PF - 1970-11-25 - Ready Maestro


Cover Art

PF - 1970-11-21 - The Fireman's Tapes Vol III


PF - 1970-11-21 - Reeling on PF - LDB version


PF - 1970-11-21 - More Blues Archives

PF - 1970-11-21 - Tape 24

Some very silly rabbit wrote a comment on this post asking for the original tape 24 edition of this concert. Well... I'm going to post four different versions of this concert. Hope that'll be enough to satisfy. First, as requested, the original Tape 24 edition is here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

PF - 1971-10-28 - Ann Arbor - 2nd gen


This is the version that came in the Reeling In The Floyd set. FYI.

PF - 1970-10-23 - Enjoy The Silence

PF - 1970-10-23 - Bovine Psychosis


The Next Week Or So

Some weeks ago, someone called Beth wrote a huge, detailed request for some of the strangest Pink Floyd related obscurities ... I think we should deal with them straight away before launching into the other weirdness that I had previously planned upon. Beth - I hope that you haven't picked this week to go off on holiday, because it would be a shame if you missed it.

Hold onto something - it's going to get very weird in here....