Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Men At Work

1982 - San Diego (flac)
1982-10-10 - Akron (mp3)
1983-08-05 - Dayton (flac)
1983-07-28 - Columbia (mp3)

Here's another band that I have always enjoyed.  I went to see one of Mr. Hay's solo shows many years ago.  He told lots of stories and generally seemed to have a great time.  I know I did!!  Thanks to Mr. Hay for a great show and to Kris for dragging me along.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

ELO - 1978-02-23 - Osaka


ELO - 1976-03-19 - Boston, MA


ELO - 1976-03-16 - Flint, MI


ELO - 1973 - Rockaria Overture


I have few ELO releases, but I will be sharing all that I am able.  More would be welcome if you have any cluttering up your hard drives...

Friday, September 20, 2013

some links

Four wonderful Gandalf Murphy concerts here.

Robyn Hitchcock Here and Here

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gandalf Murphy - 2007-01-22 - Acoustic Cafe


original CDs -> EAC -> CDWave Editor -> flac -> rar -> you


Monday, September 16, 2013

RH - V - Uncarved Pumpkins


** This is another rarities collection.  Two disks of serious strangeness!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

RH - 1999-11-19 - San Francisco, CA

Another fantastic Hitchcock show straight from the master DAT.  This one's got quite a few classic songs, including You & Oblivion, Oceanside, and The Cheese Alarm!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RH - 1998-04-29 - San Francisco, CA

Robyn, from time to time, toured with a violinist named Deni Bonet.  Her contributions were quite significant, broadening the sound, adding emotion.  This is one of those precious shows, once again taken from the master DAT.  A-mazing stuff!  They do Astronomy Domine.  If you haven't heard Astronomy Domine done on a violin...  Well, it's worth the download for just that!


RH - 1997-06-04 - San Francisco, CA

Here is a show recorded by my friend, taken from the original DAT.  Lots of classic tunes in great quality!  This is a great show!  Arnold Layne!


RH - 1997-05-31 - The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA

For a while Robyn toured with a bloke called Tim Keegan. Tim had his own band, Homer, and often did his own set as the opening act before playing along with Robyn during the second set. Such is the case here.

RH - 1996-05-25 - Borderline

Mr. Bob Dylan, as you'll no doubt recall, performed a famous concert in 1966 which was half acoustic and half electric.  Details here.  Well, in 1996, Mr. Hitchcock recreated most of the concert.  Here.

RH - V - Unhatched Crablings

I was able to confirm that 4 volumes of this series were compiled. However, the DAT we have only contains the first 2 volumes.  If anyone out there has the other 2 volumes, I would certainly like to hear from you.


RH - V - Demons & Fiends

Right around 25 years ago, a new type of cassette trading became possible.  The format was called DAT - Digital Audio Tape.  The decks were more expensive.  The tapes were more expensive.  But, for the first time, copies could be made without generational loss.  Without going into a tedious history lesson, the DAT format caused a bit of a panic in the music industry, was expensive, and essentially collapsed.  But, during that brief window, a friend of mine built up a nice collection of Robyn Hitchcock-related DATs.  Some are shows that he recorded himself.  Some are things he got from his internet buddies.  The DATs have been located and losslessly transferred using a professional DAT deck.

The first one is a fan-made compilation of Robyn Hitchcock-related obscurities.  If there was ever cover art or a list of sources, we no longer have it.  Sorry!