Thursday, February 10, 2011

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - 2008-07-18 - St.Goarshausen - Loreley



Dr. Forrester said...

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard
Night of the Prog Festival III

Lineage: Microphone Sony ECM-717->MD Recorder Sony MZ-R30->Soundcard Soundblaster Live! 5.1->Wavelab 4.0->CD-R->EAC->FLAC->you


1.) Announcement by Klaus Schulze (What he'll play tonight)
2.) Loreley Track 1 (Klaus solo)
3.) Announcement by Klaus Schulze (He didn't want to stop, but the audience clapped hands, so he stoped playing)
4.) Loreley Track 2.1 (Klaus solo)
5.) Loreley Track 2.2 (Klaus & Lisa - synth sounds turns over into typical Lisa tunes)
6.) Loreley Track 3.1 (Klaus & Lisa)
7.) Loreley Track 3.2 (Klaus & Lisa)
8.) Thanks from Klaus & Lisa / The Audience


9.) Announcement by Klaus Schulze (Happy to be back after 5 years without concerts / Questioning the audience what they wish to hear)
10.) Loreley Track 4 (Klaus solo - Sequencer track)
11.) Loreley Track 5 (Klaus & Lisa, but nearly a Lisa solo track)
12.) Announcement by Klaus Schulze (He can't remember who's got the idea playing together with Lisa, it was definitely not his idea)
13.) Loreley Track 6 (Klaus solo)

A great 100% improvised show with 100% unreleased material !
I've also enclosed some photo shots from the show (digicam Olympus Mju 700).

Anonymous said...

Paris Salle Pleyel 1976 ?

Dr. Forrester said...

Very glad that you liked these! B-) I often worry that the slightly more obscure artists won't reach an audience.

Sadly, however, I do not have any more concerts by KS to share. I would happily share them if I had them. But, I don't. So, I can't.

upkerry14 said...

I have these, what can I contribute?

1975-09-26 G√ľnter Schikert : Homesession Klaus Schulze's Studio in Hamburg 1975.09.26 Homesession (6 parts) 44'11" KS Electronics GS Acoustic Guitar & voice AUD 1 cd w /art) (179) upgrade/different source (1531)
1985-02-17 Batschapp, Frankfurt 17 February, 1985 Recorded from the audience 2 cd (125)
*Schultz,Klaus- Janson Hall Brussells 1997-04-16 aud (51)
1976-04-11 BRT Studio 4, Brussels 4/11/1976 This is probably one of the earliest broadcasts that has not been officially released. A second disc exists, but has been officially released as Disc 3 of Silver Edition - see tracks 1 & 2. Track Details:Track One 47.24 (371)
1981-11-24 Berlin 24 11 1981 aud The Church at Mariannenplatz (507/1657)
1977-09-20 Robert-Schumann-Saal, Dusseldorf, Germany 30th Sept 1977 aud w/art (507/1668)
1977-09-23 Koln, Stadthalle Mulheim 23rd September 1977 aud (951)
2008-10-27 Madrid Spain, Juan Evangelista 10-27-2008 This concert appears to be a bootleg that was floating around on silvers, recorded in a jazz club in Madrid on Oct. 27, 1991. Quality is acceptable. Lineage - I am guessing this is a well done audience recording. Levels appear a bit low, but at least there's no clipping. (1676/1644)

Dr. Forrester said...

Have a look at my profile & drop me an email. We'll work through the details there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

More KS please, can you arrange with Upberry 14 ??? That would be so great !!!

kike said...

Thanks for Klaus & Liza. Very interesting recording. Best, K.