Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KC - V - Rise Of The Ancients


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Dr. Forrester said...

King Crimson Rise Of The Ancients - A Compilation of unheard improvs

!!!!!!!!!Warning this is not an actual concert its a collection of improvs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put this together back in December and intended it to be part of A much larger download during the winter but this part got banned due to insufficiant info, now all cities and dates are listed.

All of these improvs originate from Dime downloads and none appear on any of Vargans compilation uploads.

I edited all the ends to blend into one another making this feel like a complete concert of improvs

improvs 1-12

*1. Boston Dec-08-01
2. Boulder Aug-2-01
3. San Francisco Oct-20-00
4. Chicago Nov-01-00
5. San Francisco Oct-19-00
6. San Francisco Oct-21-00
7. San Francisco Oct-20-00
*8. Detroit Nov-5-00
9. San Francisco 10-19-00
10. Boulder Aug-2-01
11. P3 Austin Tx Mar-22-99
12 P3 Austin Tx Mar-22-99

* track 1 used to be an improv called Projekction before ade added the lyrics. I have edited out the lyrics effectively returning this piece back to an improv once again. It makes a great opener!!! I originally included this track as part of an experimental folder included in my original Boston 12-08-01 torrent posted about 2 years ago.

* track 8 is actually the second part of the Detroit improv from Vargans Vol 1 comp. The second half of the improv was not included in Vargans compilation.

inserts by myself included

hope you like it!