Sunday, February 6, 2011

KC - 1996-08-20 - Buffalo, NY


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Dr. Forrester said...

King Crimson - Darien Lake, Buffalo, NY 20.08.1996

CDR(trade 1st copy)>wave(EAC)>flac(8)
Align On Sector Boundaries

A very good show from the HORDE tour,great setlist
In my opinion it`s excellent.
upped by booomboom 09.11.2007

Robert Fripp: Guitar and Soundscapes
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Voice and Words
Trey Gunn: Stick and backing Vocals
Tony Levin: Upright & Electric Basses and Backing Vocals
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic & Electric Percussions
Bill Bruford: Acoustic & Electric Percussions

Setlist :

01.Conundrum 01:45
02.Thela Hun Ginjeet 06:03
03.Red 06:12
04.Dinosaur 07:05
06.Waiting Man 04:28
07.B'Boom 05:13
08.THRAK(Improv) 07:13
09.Three Of A Perfect Pair 04:26
10.Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream 04:55
11.Larks Tongues In Aspic Part II 06:38