Saturday, February 5, 2011

KC - 1995-06-21 - Vancouver



Dr. Forrester said...

King Crimson
Live in Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Orpheum Theatre
Wednesday June 21, 1995

Audioarchivist U - 101 Analog Cassette Master Digitally ReMastered 2005 (v2.1) King Crimson 1995/06/21

Lineage: King Crimson live sound (v.0) > Row 18 seat 39 > Sony PC 62 mic in hat > Sony WM D3 dolby on > Denon MG-X 100 Metal Master Tape (v0.1 beta) > Denon DRM 500 dolby off > Sentrek EQ > Soundblaster Live 16bit/44.1mHz > wav > Wavelab 4.0a > Audioarchivist U - 101 Digital ReMaster (v2.0) > master CDR > EAC secure mode (EAC logs supplied) > wav (v2.1) > TLH > FLAC8 > torrent > YOU!

Notes: It was the first night of summer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - June 21, 1995. We were hanging around The Orpheum all afternoon, walking around on Granville St., and in the back alley where the stage doors are. We met Pat Mastelotto on Granville St. We saw the whole band enter backstage, and met Trey Gunn. I went around the block and purchased the blank audio cassettes used for the show. We all ate and clilled and took it all in. The doors out front opened, and in we went.

I couldn't have asked for better seats to record from. I was dead center row 18 on the floor approximately 8 rows in front of the soundboard. My stereo mic was mounted inside an acoustically transparent hat. There was a slight breeze inside the venue (good ventilation required!) so there is some slight wind noise rumble picked up in the recording. I was in stealth mode for taping, and had a hard time setting up. I missed some of the opening act, California Guitar Trio, but did manage to record 90% of their set, mostly to get my record levels set. I was ready for Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, and Trey Gunn to take the stage. I captured fair to great pseudo-binaural stereo of the whole show, and didn't miss a second of music (I think). The band was evidently having a good time - I think I saw RF smiling! I've so far only heard four other shows of six performed within a week of mine, and it's amazing to hear how the group reaches and the songs stretch in so many different directions nightly. There are many other recordings available around this time period. When you stretch so hard, once in a while you have to snap - check out d2t04 VROOOM at about 1:55 to 2:15! I think it sounds like someone or three slipped up! Wow.

This is the second attempt at ReMastering this recording that I've undertaken. The first try was done in 1998 (v1.0) using Cubase/Toast software on a MAC. I've lost those master CDR's but they are out in the ether (v1.1 ?), waiting to be found and rescued from the void. I think it was a better digital transfer on v1.0, with a good deck well tweaked, and most important with fresh unplayed tapes not yet so worn from further use, but unskilled processing and bad editing may have ruined their sound - I'm not sure anymore. I do remember that V1.0 was improperly tracked and had microgaps embedded in it. This edition V2.1 is a good digital transfer from the master (azimuth adjusted) but it has gone through a round of digital noise reduction that at the time I thought was slight, but upon listening recently I find that I was a bit heavier-handed than I now like. It is tracked fairly well, and has fades in and out for both discs. Sadly, only this one master audio CDR of v2.0 was burned. The raw data of v2.0 was deleted without archiving. I am calling the re-extraction from the one surviving copy and transfer to FLAC the new v2.1 version of my recording. KC 1995/06/21 v2.1 Disc one is 79:57.68 and disc two is 30:21.42 in length frames. Total recorded concert time is 110:19.35 on this release.

Audioarchivist said...

Glad to find my recording posted here! It wasn't long after I released this that RF had a hissy fit and made most trackers stop carrying KC material...

Glad this is still making the rounds somehow!


MikeMCFC said...

I was at this show! can't wait to hear it again. If you got it all down I can verify the show as at one point when Levin was playing one fan yelled out "You are God!" very noticeable and I never forgot that.
Thank-you, I can't wait to hear it again.