Friday, February 4, 2011

KC - 1984-06-03 - Cruzin' through California



Dr. Forrester said...

Cruzin' through California
King Crimson
Adrian Belew- guitar and vocals
Robert Fripp- guitar
Tony Levin- bass (Chapman stick)
Bill Bruford- (Simmons electronic drums
and his familiar traditional drums)
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, California
June 3, 1984
performance quality: B+ or better, pretty good
recording quality: B+
source: master DAT audience tape? (dime download)
setlist: disc 1
1: intro
2: lark's tongues in aspic part III
3: thela hun ginjeet
4: red
5: frame by frame
6: matte kudasai
7: industry
8: dig me
9: three of a perfect pair
10: indiscipline
11: sartori in Tangiers

disc 2
12: the waiting man
13: man with an open heart
14: sleepless
15: lark's tongues in aspic part II
16: discipline
17: heartbeat
18: the sheltering sky
19: elephant talk
this show was posted with no info file at all several months
ago and has apparently fallen off the tracker, even if it is
still up there somewhere, I remastered this one, balancing the
levels out and reducing any really loud claps between songs.
I've made several of my KC auds sound more enjoyable this way,
especially 84 ones, including this one. Thanks to the original
seeder and taper of this show, one of several rather tasty 84
KC auds I've DL'ed while on dime time, someone asked in the
Boston 84 KC post if there were more 84 KC shows out there.
Actually there's some very good 84 KC to be heard, and this is
one of them. Sounded very fine before, maybe even better now.
this does sound to me like a full show, about 105 minutes
with several places suitable for a disc break, so I'm leaving
it as I got it in one lump sum. This has 2 songs they left out
of the Boston 84 show, Man with an Open Heart and one of my
faves of this band, the Sheltering Sky. the "pass' and "ticket stub"
are included from the original posting. No EQ. or noise reduction
was done, (except what I call ICPVR- individual clap peak volume
reduction, which reduces only sections of less than .005 of a second,
mostly done between songs to make the applause sound more bearable
without adding a sudden overall drop to the volume of the recording.

stinky.steve said...

Thank you for the recent KC shows.