Friday, February 4, 2011

KC - 1981-11-07 - New York



Dr. Forrester said...

King Crimson - New York Savoy 07.Nov.1981

1st copy from master tape>CDR(Philips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)
Align on sector boundaries

Got this tape in a trade in 1981 and transfered it to CDR 1999.
Very Good Quality,fantastic show & a great early version of Satori In
Tangier & a fantastic version of Elephant Talk.
King Crimson played in three days (5/6/7/.November 1981) five shows
at the Savoy
upped 11.07.2007 by booomboom

The Band :

Robert Fripp - guitar
Adrian Belew - guitar,vocals
Tony Levin - bass,back,voc.
Bill Bruford - drumming

Setlist :

01.Discipline 07:18
02.Thela Hun Ginjeet 07:54
03.Red 07:18
04.Matte Kudasai 04:14
05.The Sheltering Sky 11:01
06.Neal And Jack And Me 06:50
07.Neurotica 06:06
08.Frame By Frame 05:05
09.Elephant Talk 05:07
10.Drum Solo /Indiscipline 09:48
11.Santori In Tangier 06:43
12.Larks Tongues in Aspic Part II 06:54

MannyLunch said...

Nope, they played SIX shows, two each night, and I was at all 6 of them, so the question is, which do you have? The early show has Adrian ending the 2nd number, Thela Hin Ginjeet, halfway through, and screaming "this city killed John Lennon" After a shocked audience reaction, they launched into Red