Wednesday, February 2, 2011

KC - 1981-04-11 - Owings Mills MD


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Dr. Forrester said...

King Crimson - Painters Mill, Owings Mills MD,04.11.1981

tape in a trade 1982(1st copy)>CDR(PhilipsCDR570)>
Align on Sector Boundaries

Very rare tape from 1981.great quality between the songs
the audience is loud and you hear a lot of comments but during
the show the crowd is calm

band :

Robert Fripp: Guitar
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Drums and Lead Vocal
Tony Levin: Bass, Stick, Synth and Vocal
Bill Bruford: Acoustic and Electric Drums and Percussions

setlist :

01.Frippertronics Intro/Discipline 08:29
02.Thela Hun Ginjeet 08:01
03.Red 07:53
04.Matte Kudasai 04:14
05.The Sheltering Sky 11:27
06.Neal And Jack And Me 08:37
07.Frame By Frame 05:38
08.Neurotica 06:13
09.Elephant Talk 05:37
10.Drum Solo /Indiscipline 09:10
11.Santori In Tangier 06:17
12.Larks f Tongues in Aspic Part II ( missing )