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TPR CD 003 - Pink Floyd - 1987-08-07 - The Toronto Rehearsals


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PINK FLOYD - The Toronto Rehearsals
[ This Place Records TPR CD 003 ]

Toronto, Pearson Airport, 07Aug87

01. tunings
02. Echoes
03. Signs Of Life
04. Learning To Fly
05. A New Machine (part 1)
06. Terminal Frost
07. A New Machine (part 2)
08. Sorrow
09. The Dogs Of War
10. On The Turning Away
11. One Of These Days
12. Time
13. Wish You Were Here
14. Welcome To The Machine
15. Us And Them
16. Money
17. Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)
18. Comfortably Numb
19. One Slip
20. Run Like Hell

Source: Mono SBD audio track from Master Betacam tapes
except tracks 10-11-12:
Mono camera audio track from Master Betacam tapes


On 07Aug87, a TV crew filmed Pink Floyd rehearsing for the
upcoming world tour (the tour started on 09Sep87 in Ottawa),
inside a big hangar at Pearson Airport, Toronto.
The total length of these rushes filmed during the band's
rehearsals is around 55 minutes.

Two different mono audio tracks were recorded by the TV
cameras: one directly from the soundboard, the other being
simply the audio recorded by the cameras microphones
(technically very similar to an audience recording).

The present recording comes from an audio transfer from the
master Betacam videotapes. The soundboard source was used
as much as possible, the exceptions being On The Turning
Away, One Of These Days and Time, for which only the
audience track seems to have been recorded (the worst
sound quality is during Time, when the camera was filming
from the right side of the stage, capturing a strange mix
of sound coming from both the main speakers and the
musicians monitors).

The audio was carefully mastered (levels adjustments,
editing, slight EQ, and manual cleaning of some buzzes
here and there). This mastering was also used for the SBD
audio track on "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Rehearsals"
DVD authored by JME from Cochon Production.

Apart from Signs Of Life, the songs are incomplete and there
are cuts during some of them (the TV crew didn't film
continuously). However, songs like Echoes, Learning To Fly,
The Dogs Of War and Wish You Were Here, are very enjoyable
because they are captured almost completely.

And the sound quality of the soundboard tracks is just