Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1972-03-06 - Tokyo, Japan

44.1kHz - Ready For CD
48kHz - Slightly Higher Quality


Dr. Forrester said...

Original notes (48kHz) -

Pink Floyd

"Reeling In Pink Floyd"

DVD 3 - Tape 7:

1972.03.06 Tokyo to Taiikukan, Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan

original source/lineage: audience Recorder 1 / cass[1] > DAT@48khz > wav > shn@48khz

new source/lineage: audience Recorder 1 / cass[1] > DAT@48khz > wav > shn > wav > flac@48khz > Adobe Audition 1.5 > TLH > flac@48khz


Track Order on the Tape...

DVD 3 - Tape 7:

Breathe >
The Travel Section >
Time >
Home Again >
The Mortality Sequence >
Money >
Us and Them >
Scat >
The Lunatic Song >
Eclipse >
Japanese Announcer >
One of These Days >
Careful with that Axe, Eugene >
Echoes >
A Saucerful of Secrets

total time: 113:25

Well this is a great new tape! All my comparisons for this date were done using the Master
as reference to compare to. I can't find my 3rd gen so I did not use that but after hearing
this tape and comparing to the Master the 3rd gen will prolly become obsolete...

”Master”- (cass[M]>DAT[2]>shn@44.1khz>cdr(0)>flac) [108:02] shn VG+/EX- (incomplete / missing
tunings and audience / Recorder 1)

This tape runs a bit fast compared to the Master and could use a good speedcorrection. It
sounds quite comparable to the Master but is not as bright and defined, although it does sound
a bit fuller to my ears. The thing that really makes this tape worthwhile is the fact that it is
way more complete than the Master and even the 3rd gen which was thought to be complete, but
it's not.

All the extra bits missing or contained in this tape are approximate times based on the speed
difference between the 2 sources

The beginning of this tape misses maybe a second compared to the Master. There is a part at the
begining of U&T where the sound really drops almost all the way out for a couple seconds. On
the Master this is not present and is totally complete. After Eclipse there is some audience
here not present on the Master and the Japanese announcer, which is complete!!! Then there are
tunings as well not present on the Master.

All in all about 4 minutes or so extra not on the Master after Eclipse before OoTD. There are
a few seconds of audience after OoTD, when Rog says "Thank You" not present on this 1st gen.

There are about 2 mintes or so of tunings and audience present on this 1st gen before CwtAE,
this is also not present on the Master. After Careful there is about just under 2 minutes
worth of audience and tunings not present on the Master.

After Echoes there is just under 5 minutes of audience and tunings before ASoS not on the
Master! After ASoS there is around 5 seconds of audience mssing on this 1st gen compared to
the Master.

Overall this tape has a many minutes more of content but is only missing some seconds compared
to the Master. This is a must have!


Dr. Forrester said...

CD Ready Version -

Pink Floyd
Taiikukan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
March 6, 1972

Audience recorder 1

Reeling in Pink Floyd DVD 3 Tape 7 (Speed Corrected)

Original source lineage: Cass[1] > DAT@48khz > wav > shn > wav > flac@48khz > Adobe Audition 1.5 > TLH > flac@48khz

Additional lineage: flac > TLH > wav > Adobe Audition 1.5 (106.67 stretch, resampled with high precision) > wav > CD wave (tracking) > wav > Flac Frontend 1.7.1 > flac level 8

CD burnable 44.1kHz flacs included, downsampled with Adobe Audition 1.5, pre-post filtering set to high, tracked with CD Wave

1st Set

01 Speak To Me 0:47
02 Breathe 2:49
03 On The Run 5:58
04 Time 6:07
05 Breathe Reprise 1:02
06 The Mortality Sequence 3:57
07 Money 7:40
08 Us and Them 7:16
09 Any Colour You Like 4:38
10 Brain Damage 4:02
11 Eclipse 2:46

2nd Set

12 Japanese Announcer 2:23
13 Tuning 2:23
14 One of These Days 10:35
15 Careful with that Axe, Eugene 14:54
16 Echoes 30:19
17 A Saucerful of Secrets 13:15

total time: 120:58

Speedcorrecting / downsampling / tracking by Bert13

kike said...

Dear Dr.F, it's always great to hear such tapes from japo tapers. Always fine recording from Japan. This is a must Have recording on PF, with a early version of DSoTM. Don't miss that one, people! So thank you Dr. for sharing that one. Best, K.