Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1971-10-17 - San Diego, CA


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Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd Live at the Convention Hall in the San Diego Community Concourse, San Diego, Ca 1971-10-17 from low-gen reel-to-reel 16 bit CD burnable version

This version of the Convention Center show is one minute and forty-five seconds longer than existing copies in circulation. I had tried to find a single cause for this, but there isn't one.

Setlist: (first timing is "New Mown Grass", second timing is this torrent) Runtime 1:27:55

Careful With That Axe, Eugene 12:55 ->13:13
Fat Old Sun 15:37 ->16:00
Atom Heart Mother 15:47 ->16:09
The Embryo 11:41 ->11:55
STCFTHOTS 12:48 ->13:00
Cymbaline 11:41 ->11:56
Slow Blues 5:40 ->5:41

Obviously, one second is statistically insignificant. But, there are no known issues with pitch variation on either copy.

You will notice right away that this version has a much smoother, more natural sound, and (to me, anyway) appears gapless in parts. This is a raw, untouched transfer. The only changes to the original tape were removal of silence and popping noises between tracks. As this is a reel transfer, there's a ton of headroom for EQ changes should anyone want to attempt it.

Now, as for lineage: This is really, really tough for me to explain to you accurately. It's possible that I'm partially or completely wrong with how this tape got circulated in the first place. BuffaloFloyd's version may or may not have come from me, and I have to issue apologies in advance to him if I've slighted him in any way. I need someone who has "From Oblivion" to compare quality to this tape, and perhaps I can finally square the circle.

I've indicated previously on the "1973 East Coast" reel that it came from Mr. Quality, Inc. So did this one. Unlike the previous reel however, I personally made him a VHS hi-fi audio copy, from which he sold cassette copies and possible VHS copies as being "from the master". **It was slightly cut to fit onto a 90 minute cassette**, along with track breakups for each side. These versions can be identified by carrier signals in the upper frequencies.

I previously knew that the original taper had committed suicide and that the originals had been lost. But, I never got it clear as to whether there were parallel copies to the master, or whether the reel you are now listening to is the treetop master of all existing versions. Mr. Quality, Inc. was a very enterprising fellow, and was more concerned with sales than with technical accuracy. It would have been a natural thing for him to have claimed his tape was a cassette backup of the actual master. Hence, the lineage and quality of all existing copies (including "From Oblivion") really need to be compared before I open my big mouth and say something patently wrong.

So, there you have it.

Lineage: Low gen reel to reel ->Sound Forge ->FLAC frontend, level 6, sectors aligned and verified.


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