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Pink Floyd - 1970-01-18 - Croydon


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Dr. Forrester said...

This is not offered as an upgrade purely a cleaned up and indexed version that can be burnt to CD
and of course some new artwork Sgt Weatherman May 2009

Not from -buffalofloyd cleaned up tape

Pink Floyd

"Reeling In Pink Floyd"

DVD 5 - Tape 22:

1970.01.18 Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey, England

original source/lineage: audience / cass[low] > DAT@48khz > wav > shn@48khz

new source/lineage: audience / cass[low] > DAT@48khz > wav > shn@48khz > wav
> Adobe Audition 1.5 > TLH > flac@48khz de-clicked/channel balanced
Wave Corrector>indexed and down sampled Nero Wave Editor>FLAC level 6 @44.1khz TLH


Track order on the Tape...

DVD 5 - Tape 22:

Careful with that Axe, Eugene >
The Embryo >
Main Theme >
Biding My Time >
Astronomy Domine >
The Violent Sequence >
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun >
The Amazing Pudding >
A Saucerful of Secrets

total time: 127:36

Ok, this is a very nice sounding tape with some unique songs. I'd say the average sound of the
recording is a VG but there are certainly parts where it exceeds that reaching VG/VG+ or even
VG+. I used a 2nd gen I had to do the comparison...

“2nd gen”- (cass[2]>DAT[c]>cdr) [127:01] shn VG (came as 1st gen but it’s apparently a 2nd

This tape is identical in sound to the version above but it has some things that are different
as well.

On CwtAE at 2:17 into the song there is a cut on this tape. On the 2nd gen above there is no
distinct cut but I think there originally was. After listening about a thousand times to both
sections it seems they are slightly different. To my ears the 2nd gen sounds a little off
in terms of rhythm at the very point where this tape cuts. I think there may actually be a
some fragments (like one hundreths of a second) missing on the 2nd gen. I am not 100% sure.
If there was a cut it was disguised very nicely. At the end of this song there is a couple
seconds of applause on this tape, but not the 2nd gen.

The sound changes quite drastically on both this tape and the 2nd gen during The Embryo. There
is a cut on both versions. On this tape there is a 1 second gap after the cut, but on the 2nd
gen there is no gap, almost like someone cut the gap out perhaps, the contents are the same
though. After the cut the sound becomes increasingly hissy, distant and sounds not as good as
it did previously (is this another source perhaps or another recorder patched in?). This
continues till the end of the song.

The good sound comes back when Main Theme starts. The contents of this song are the same
except for the end where it seems there is again some applause present on this tape that
is not on the 2nd gen.

StC has maybe a second more applause at the end than the 2nd gen.

Now, becuase the lineage of the 2nd gen originally came as RTR(1)>DAT(?)>CDR>EAC>WAV>SHN and
has since been said to actually be from a 2nd gen cass I am not gonna list this tape as a 2nd
gen even though they sound the exact same. The 2nd gen lineage may still be wrong but I am
unsure. Instead I will just list this tape as low gen although I think they are the exact same
except for the couple differences I noted above. I think the '2nd gen' was edited from this