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PRS-015 - Pink Floyd - 1994-03-00 - A Brief History of The Division Bell


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Dr. Forrester said...

PRS-CDR-015 - 1994-03-xx - A Brief History of The Division Bell
- Album Launch Programme by MCM Entertainment

I received this on DAT not long ago. It has an Abbey Road Studios cover, and it says "Copied by Adam Nunn, Abbey Road Studios 16 May 1994". I googled Adam Nunn and found that he is a mastering engineer at Abbey Road. MCM Entertainment is an australian media network, and I have no idea why someone at Abbey Road would make a copy of this to DAT. I also dont know on what format this was originally sent out to radio stations on, but the source for this DAT is obviously analog as it does have a little hiss (very little), so maybe analog reels or something. The DAT was recorded at 44.1 kHz.
For those of you who have also downloaded POTWCD016 TDB World Premier Broadcast, you will recognise quite a few of the interview bits. They obviously used the same interviews on this release and on POTW's release, but they in some cases used different parts. So some interview bits that are on this, arent on the POTW release and vice versa.
I transfered this DAT using a Tascam DA-P1 connected to a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS, recorded in Cool Edit Pro 2.1, track splits using CD Wave 1.95.1 and encoded to FLAC using Flac 1.1.3 on level 8.
Thanks to FlyingPig for making the artwork.

01. Introduction 2:10
02. Interviews / Keep Talking 6:58
03. Interviews / What Do You Want From Me 5:29
04. Cluster One 2:00
05. Interviews / Take it Back / Coming Back to Life (intro) 9:51
06. Interviews / Coming Back to Life (solo) 2:09
07. Wearing the Inside Out (instrumental edit) 2:00
08. Interviews / Lost For Words (censored) / Poles Apart (instrumental edit) 11:01
09. High Hopes (instrumental excerpt) 2:03
10. Interviews / Marooned / A Great Day For Freedom 12:02

Total running time 55:43

Pict, 2007-01-21