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Pink Floyd - 1971-07-01 - Cosmic Restoration Rev A


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Dr. Forrester said...

**Wow, this was quite dumb. After eliminating the weak channel and working with only one, I forgot that when you process to wave you still have to select 16/44 mono since the default is always stereo. This is what happens late at night when doing things too fast on a project you didn't intend to do in the first place. This RevA version has now been processed to wave as mono as intended.**

"Cosmic Restoration" LPP RevisionA

SQ Scale (G+ VG- VG VG+ EX- EX EX+ SUP- SUP)

SQ Rating: VG+/EX-

Pink Floyd
Ossiach Festival Stitschoff
Ossiach, Austria
July 1st 1971

Source: Cosmic Music (LZCD 042) **All known sources for this show are mono**
Lineage: Shn->Wav->Samplitude10->Wav->CDWave->Flac

Frankly, I didn't intend to do this one. It was sort of research in a wave editior that turned into, "I might as well finish the job". I gave it a name to help avoid confusion.

While reviewing the three sources I have, "Depths Of Space" (DOS), "Cosmic Music" (CM), and "Ossiach Musik Forum-TSP" (OMF), I discovered that DOS, despite being more complete, had little going on above 7k despite being boosted near 100%. It was also phase shifted. CM and OMF, though missing most of the audience sections and a little bit of intro music, has musical content to around 14K. Both CM and OMF are essentially the same length with their left channels much lower than their right as well as being phase shifted. **All known sources for this show are mono**

So I took CM and eliminated the weak left channel and utilized the carrier signal to determine the speed of all tracks and then removed most of the carrier signal. The remaining channel was processed as mono. IMHO, the results are a noticeable improvement.

1. (22.52) Return of the Son of Nothing
2. (11:41) Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. (12:11) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. (28:15) Atom Heart Mother

Total Time: 75:01

For Free Trade Only - Not For Sale
Little Pieces Production (LPP)