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TPR CD 001 - Pink Floyd - 1970-03-00 - Zabriskie Point - The Sessions (Rev A)


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PINK FLOYD - Zabriskie Point - The Sessions - REV.A
[ This Place Records TPR CD 001 ]

studio sessions recorded in Rome, Nov-Dec 1969

01. Heart Beat, Pig Meat (soundtrack version)
02. Heart Beat, Pig Meat (film version)
03. Riot Scene
04. Fingal's Cave
05. Crumbling Land (with rock intro)
06. Crumbling Land (film version)
07. Crumbling Land (soundtrack version)
08. Crumbling Land (extended version)
09. Crumbling Land (full mix)
10. Unknown Song (soundtrack version)
11. Unknown Song (rough mix)
12. Unknown Song (full mix)
13. Country Song (humming version)
14. Country Song (harpsichord version)
15. Country Song (soundtrack version)
16. Country Song (full mix)

01. Love Scene #1
02. Love Scene #2 (rough mix)
03. Love Scene #2 (full mix)
04. Love Scene #3
05. Love Scene #4 (soundtrack version)
06. Love Scene #4 (full mix)
07. Love Scene #5
08. Love Scene #6 (soundtrack version)
09. Love Scene #6 (full mix)
10. Come In Nr.51, Your Time Is Up (soundtrack version)
11. Come In Nr.51, Your Time Is Up (film version)

CD1 1-7-10-15, CD2 5-8-10: "Zabriskie Point - Extended Soundtrack" CDs
CD1 2-6, CD2 11: "Zabriskie Point" LaserDisc
CD1 4-8-11, CD2 2: "Omay Yad" RoIO LP
CD1 3-5-9-12-13-14-16, CD2 1-3-4-6-7-9: "A Journey Through Time & Space" RoIO CD

Tracks from the RoIOs were carefully remastered:
- speed corrected
- levels, balance and EQ adjusted
- unwanted noise cleaned

Tracks from the "Zabriskie Point" LaserDisc were slightly cleaned
(some static noise carefully removed).

Comments for Rev.A:
The first version used the "Omay Yad" RoIO CD, which had muffled sound.
This time, I was able to rework the "Omay Yad" tracks from a direct
RoIO LP rip. The versions on "Omay Yad" LP have a far better clarity
compared to the versions on "Omay Yad" CD, but of course I had to spend
a lot of time in order to carefully remaster them (cleaning of vinyl
noises, speed adjusting ...).
For the rest of the tracks, Rev.A offers no real upgrade in terms of
sound quality. I just did some editing work in order to smooth the
transitions between tracks (which were abrupt in some cases, on the
original version).