Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1975-06-24 - Detroit Diamonds



Dr. Forrester said...

Venue: Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
Date: June 24th 1975
Title: Detroit Diamonds
Lineage: Aud/Rec1 > 1st gen > CDR > ACL2005 > WAV > EAC > FLAC
Length: 119:47


Remaster of recorder1 version called "Detroit 1975", (NOT CSP remaster). The 1st gen versions of this recorder have quite strong SQ
but had numerous issues that needed attention. I liked the performance of this show and felt it deserved the attention.

Approximately 4 mins of repeated segments at the ending and beginning of many tracks. Many digi-pops, clicks,mic thumps and some
tape flips etc. Also a high frequency buzz that was prominent in about half the recording along with suttle level and SQ changes throughout.

I was able to get many good isolated buzz samples to address the segments that contained background buzz. A diminished buzz is now
prevalent only during quiet sections, eg Speak To Me, Us and Them. No NR used on buzz free segments. There are no traces of NR.

Eliminated or reduced most of the digi-pops/clicks and mic thumps and smoothed tape flips.

Also segmented the show into several dozen relavent sections in order to apply different amounts of EQ, output levels, and buzz reduction.
Kept Dark Side Of The Moon together on Disc 2. Created artwork with track listing and times.

Although, as usual, it took much longer than I originally thought, IMO it was worth it. It has good editing, output level, and SQ continuity now
and sounds clearer and warmer than "Experimental Energy"

Little Pieces

Anonymous said...


mahavishnu floyd said...

Another fine Floyd. Thanks for this one and all the others for which I don't thank you enough.

dstache said...

Worthwhile show/recording, AUD B+/A-, nasty cut in You've Gotta Be Crazy lops off most of song (taper didn't want to waste tape on this one, any regrets there? :)), thanks Doc!