Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1980-08-06 - WRPI 91.5 FM


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Dr. Forrester said...

Man of Leisure Music (MoLM) on WRPI 91.5 FM
Broadcast Thursday, August 5th, 2004
from 8pm to 10pm

Live broadcast of the lowest generation version
ever made available of the finest audience
recording of the Wall ever recorded.

Pink Floyd: The Wall, Live in London
Venue: Performed at Earl's Court
Date: Wednesday, August 6th, 1980 at 8:00pm

This was the 15th 0f 31 Wall concerts, and the
third night of six Earls Court Wall performances
that ran from August 4th through August 9th, 1980.

The five final Wall concerts were also performed
at Earls Court, running from June 13th through
June 17th, 1981.

TITLE: The Show Must Go On

Label: Distributed by Man of Leisure Music
(MoLM), from 1st
generation clones of the Master CDRs, first
broadcast live on WRPI 91.5 FM

SQ: A/A+ 1st quality audience recording

Source Information:

It is with a huge amount of gratitude to the
taper, who reached out to MoLM and shared this
true gem, in a trade for other rare PF roios.

The source audio CDs that were broadcast are
1st gen clones of the master discs. The
broadcast was recorded back onto a PC and
converted to SHN using mkwACT.

The original analog recording was made
with a Technics single point stereo
microphone covered with a black sock and
a Sony stereo cassette recorder onto a TDK 120
tape. Somehow, the taper was able to get his
gear into the arena with a knapsack!

Comments from the taper:

"I was seated to the left of the stage,
half way back, and used a Technics Single
Point Stereo Microphone with the Sony
TC153SD Cassette deck, which was quite a
hefty machine in those days. I used the same
equipment to record the last Wall show (17Jun81),
where I sat right at the back, so that recording
was a bit more distant than the August 1980 show."