Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AHM - Various Mixes

As I have gone slogging through the archives, I have found quite a large number of variations of this album. To be completely honest, I do not own the hardware required to play these, so I have no idea as to quality or ease of use. I hope that this will keep you entertained until the Immersion box comes out! I will put all available notes in the comments section.

British discrete cart - Fostex Q8
Dts Audio CD

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Dr. Forrester said...

Fostex Q8 Notes -

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (DTS)

Title: Atom Heart Mother
Record Company: Harvest / EMI Records
Catalog Number: Q8 SHVL 781
Release Information: Discreet quadraphonic 8 track tape.
Cover: A cow.
Program 1 - If, Summer 68, Fat Old Sun, Atom Heart Mother (part 1)
Program 2 - Atom Heart Mother (conclusion), Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast


01 Father's shout (Atom Heart Mother)
02 If
03 Summer of '68
04 Fat Old Sun
05 Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

Included is the original Cue-sheet, this only works if you have 1 combined Wave-file, this has been split up in Flac-tracks.

To create a DTS CD, just burn it like a conventional CDR.

Dr. Forrester said...

DVD-Audio Notes -

POTWDVDA001 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother Discrete Quad Mix


UK Quad 8 track


Akai CR80DSs Quad 8 track Deck > Tascam DA-88 Digital 8 track recorder > M-audio Delta TDIF sound card via TDIF digital interface > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Multitrack for recording, editing, hiss reduction, track splitting > Discwelder Chrome for DVD-A Authoring.


01 - If
02 - Summer '68
03 - Fat Old Sun
04 - Atom Heart Mother Suite
05 - Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast


This disc can only be played in a DVD-Audio player. I have decided to keep it in true quad format meaning there are no LFE and Center channels. I have painstakingly removed much of the hiss from the original 8 track while preserving the quality of the recording itself. Please enjoy.


Anonymous said...

were do you learn all this technical stuff dr.the things you do to these old recordings is can we all thank you,I feel bad all i have to do is download,listen and enjoy.A VERY BIG THANK YOU