Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1980-02-08 - Los Angeles


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Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd: The Wall, February 8, 1980
Los Angeles Sports Arena, 2nd performance
of the tour. Second night of seven scheduled

First of the seven Wall show roios re-released
as "THE DEFINITIVE WALL SERIES" in early 2001 by
Man of Leisure Music (MoLM) []
These seven shows were chosen because of their
high quality, unique features and, at the time,
very low circulation.

This particualr show had leaked out through
a small number of trades, probably as much as
three years before it was put out on the Floylive

Sourced and carefully re-mastered by Dan Kraft,
aka Danalog.

More work went into this one than all the others
combined. At least, that's the way I remember
Dan describing to me all the tweaks he made to
this show to clean it up, correct the speed and
bring out fuller sound.

There are many reasons why this show is such a
keeper. The obvious one is that the boys pulled
off a much better show than the night before.
(It's nice they didn't ignite the curtain this time.)
This is also clearly the second best sound quality
Wall roio of the six shows that have circulated
from the California gigs, 13Feb80 being the best.
There are interesting nuances to it, including what
I would consider to be one of the coolest jams of
the concert series! Another Brick part 3 (set one,
track 12) is drawn out to an incredible 7 minutes,
45 seconds to give Wall builders that had fallen behind
more time to catch up. The recorded music of the
children singing during Another Brick part two fails
to happen (set one, track 5, about one minute in)
and the band kicks in and improvises. During Hey
You, Dave sings both verses, when normally, Dave sings
the first and Rog sings the second.

Originally, about 20 clones of the master copy were
weeded or traded out in .wav format using EAC to rip
and NTI CD-Maker to burn. Now, MoLM has embarked upon
archiving all our releases in shn. Enjoy.