Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1988-08-01 - The Black Knight and the Fishermen



Dr. Forrester said...

The Black Knight featuring The Fishermen
Copenhagen, Denmark - August 1st 1988

Hello there good people! Alex here with a newsflash! HouseHold Objects first cd release
entitled “The Black Knight featuring The Fishermen” will go online at the end of next
week! We only have a few minor tasks to run before we can launch this CD to the world.

This CD contains a previously unreleased mixer board recording of the Floyd performing
as “The Fishermen” at a night club in Copenhagen on the early morning of August 1st 1988
(The Floyd played at Gentofte Stadium in Copenhagen on the evening of July 31).
The performing artists for the night include David Gilmour (who speaks), Rick Wright
(having some difficulties with his Keyboard), Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Gary Wallis,
Scott Page, Durga McBroom and an unidentified second singer. We are not sure if it's
Margret Taylor or Rachel Fury.

The band performs several R’N’B covers such as “Respect”, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”
and “Superstition”. The quality of the tape is generally in very good condition, with
a fair amount of tape hiss, which we decided not to remove.

Heres a bit of the story:

On the morning of August 1st 1988, several members of the touring Pink Floyd was invited
to a small party at Annabels Night Club (Lille Kongensgade 16 at Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen.).
This party was arranged by the Danish branch of EMI, most likely as a Birthday party for
the Floyds personal security manager Barrie Knight. The low-key “Fishermen” gig was most
likely not a planned event. Like so many times before “The Fishermen” seem to have taken
to the stage using the in-house equipment, in a spur of the moment. The reason I guess
this is because the person at the mixer board spend the first 20 minutes of the show
struggling to get the different levels up. Guitars, vocals and piano (specifically) go
up and down to a point where the otherwise, silent, David Gilmour, barks at the person
at the mixer board.

The set for the evening consist of the “usual” Fishermen set of old Rhythm and Blues
and motown classics, including Aretha Franklins “Respect” and “Rock Steady” and the
unique rendition of Sugarhill Gangs “Rappers Delight” (First and only time you will
hear the Pink Floyd play rap music).

The tape was bought on Ebay two months ago from a seller claiming to have gotten the tape
from people working for the Danish branch of EMI. The tape also looks to be the original
recording. However we believe it to be a 1st or 2nd gen recording.


2. Can't Get Enough
3. Blues
4. My Girl
5. Rock Steady - Rapper's Delight - Le Freak - Rock Steady
6. Master Blaster
7. Superstition


1st or 2nd gen cassette tape > Sony TC-K707ES 3 head cassette deck > Audigy 2 Platinum
sound card > Cool Edit Pro.

Audio was normalized and no other enhancements were done.

Osvaldo said...

Muchas gracias. Nunca había oído de este concierto antes. Estoy ansioso esperando que baje!
Thank you very much. I never heard about this show before.