Monday, November 7, 2011

PF - 1973 - Obscured By Clouds Outtakes

Three different alternate bits of OBC.


Anonymous said...

Hi Forrester,

I was referred to your blog as being a treasure drove of (older) Pink Floyd stuff, and I am really amazed at all the stuff you have here. However, I am pretty picky, and I am especially looking for live versions of Obscured by Clouds material, if this was ever played live.
I am currentlu downloading the 'outtakes' (thanks a bunch), and I would be more than grateful if you could point me to a show that includes OBC material of acceptable quality.



Dr. Forrester said...

Yorick -

I think I would have to direct you to this compilation -

I don't know if the links are still active. But, if not, you might try the hubs or Y.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for referring me to this post, Forrester. Alas, the link is dead. Not to worry, at least I know now what shows to look out for, thanks to the info file.


mahavishnu floyd said...

Does anyone have info on these 3 bits of OBC outtakes?
The first track sounds like a live recording (you can hear the audience). The 2nd track sounds like an outtake, as does the 3rd. There is some talking on these last two, possibly in French.


Anonymous said...

Hi there

Track 1 is live from one of those rare occasions when they played it live in France and the US. Might have been released on other boots before.

Tracks 2 and 3 are from the original soundtrack with the film dialog over the music.