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FRP 017-018 - 2002-01-17 - Another Night V2


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David Gilmour
Royal Festival Hall
London, England
January 17, 2002

Another Night In London Volume II
Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR-017/18)

Disc One:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. I-V)
2. Fat Old Sun
3. Coming Back To Life
4. Dominoes
5. High Hopes
6. High Hopes (Reprise)
7. Je Crois Entendre Encore
8. Smile
9. Rick Wright Introduction
10. Breakthrough
11. Wish You Were Here
12. Comfortably Numb

Disc Two:
1. Dimming Of The Day
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI-IX)
3. Band Introductions
4. A Great Day For Freedom
5. Hushabye Mountain

6. Jools Holland Introduction
7. I Put a Spell On You
8. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 1
9. One Of These Days
10. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 2
11. Marooned
12. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 3
13. Making It Up As We Go Along
14. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 4
15. Je Croix Entendre Encore (Meltdown)
16. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 5
17. High Hopes (Meltdown)
18. Interview with David Gilmour - Part 6
19. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI-IX)

With Guest Performers:
Richard Wright Keyboards, Vocals (Disc One - Tracks 10,11,12)
Sir Bob Geldolf Guest Vocalist (Disc One - Track 12)

Supporting Performers:
Dick Parry Saxophone
Michael Kamen Piano and Oboe
Neil MacColl Guitars and Vocals
Caroline Dale Cello
Nick France Percussion
Chucho Marchan Double Bass

Sam Brown Durga McBroom Claudia Fontaine
Margo Buchanan Carol Kenyon Beverley Skeet
David Lordat Chris Ballin Michelle John-Douglas

Notes: The second night at Royal Festival Hall. Again, cosmetic work was kept to a minimum in order to provide the actual ambience and feel of the evening. This time no annoying usherettes to get in the way, but the crowd seems to be far more feisty than the first night. One person in particular, who's presence can be felt in the right channel found it necessary to be quite vocal. We cleaned him up as best as we could,especially his more obnoxious moments, but there's at least one cut that can be heard due to him saturating the channel.

It was an another outstanding performance that was alot cleaner in terms of technical presence. Richard Wright appears again and is seemingly less hesitant than he was on the first night. Another highlight of the night is Sir Bob Geldolf singing Comfortably Numb with Gilmour. His representation is far more powerful than Robert Wyatt's performances.

The Interview with David Gilmour is from the "Later with Jools Holland" - BBC 2 Radio interview conducted/broadcasted on December 10, 2001. The interview material is fantastic, and highlights include Soundboard recordings of some of the songs played during the Meltdown Festival.

Technical Details: This source was recorded from Level 4 Terrace, Seat B16. This recording has never departed the digital domain. Exact lineage is as follows: Sony ECM-717 > Sony MZ-R30 > Sony MDSJB940 > Optical Link > Philips CDR785 > CDR > EAC > SHN (MD0>CDR0).

Credits: Jim Canale and Free Range Pigs would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this effort:

Andy Saltiel for providing the Source Recording and his Excellent Reviews.
Mark Gunzinger for providing Digital Transfer, Project Coordination and Quality Assurance.
David LeHunte and Massed Gadgets Media for providing the Interview Filler on Disc Two.
Aleksi Manninen for providing the Cover Art.
Simon Wimpenny for providing pictures from the Show, as well as show details.
Zoltan Toth for providing pictures from the Show.
GerryUS for providing First Wave Distribution Services.