Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes - V - Solo Works



Dr. Forrester said...

Title: SoloWorks (HIGHLAND HL323/324)
Taper: Unknown
Transfer: CD-R from trade > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > You
Sound Quality: A

ARTWORK: Included!

Disc One: Tracks 1-3 = Rick Wakeman - BBC Sessions, February 01 1973 (FM Radio Broadcast - at least i think so)

Disc One: Track 4 = Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe & Brian May - Live At Golden Giltrop 1994 (Soundboard) - (Need help with place and correct date)

Disc One: Tracks 5-6 = Rick Wakeman - Unreleased Studio Demos 1992

Disc One: Track 7 = Rick Wakeman - "KORG" Unreleased Studio Demo 1992

Disc One: Tracks 8-15 = Steve Howe - Live At Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, October 13 1994 (Soundboard)

Disc Two: Track 1 = Jon Anderson - Live At Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, December 01 1980 (Soundboard)

Disc Two: Tracks 2-5 = Jon Anderson, Steve Howe & Rick Wakeman - Live At Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, July 19 1979 (French Radio Broadcast)

Disc Two: Tracks 6-8 = Jon Anderson - "Mother's Day Unique Show" Paso Robles, CA, May 12 1996 (Soundboard) (*Removed due to official release)

Disc One:

[01] Anne Of Cleves
[02] Catherine Howard
[03] Catherine Parr
[04] Heartsong
[05] Data Base
[06] Lytton's Diary
[07] Catherine Howard
[08] Turn Of The Century
[09] Midnight Sun
[10] Mood For A Day
[11] Beginnings
[12] The Gates Of Delirium (feat. Soon)
[13] The Clap
[14] Close To The Edge
[15] Heat Of The Moment

Disc Two:

[01] YES Medley (Intro-To Be Over-Perpetual Change-Long Distance Runaround-Wonderous Stories-Rejoice-I've Seen All Good People-The Revealing Science Of God-The Remembering-Ritual)

[02] Harp & Piano
[03] Leaves Of Green (Excerpt From "The Ancient")
[04] Flight Of The Moorglade
[05] Montreux Jazz Festival Jam
[06] Time And A Word*
[07] Owner Of A Lonely Heart*
[08] And You And I*

Since I got this in a trade I don't have any info about lineage, taping equipment etc.

Anonymous said...

hi there thanks for all this top notch music you are one of the best. re yes solo works disc 2 is not what is listed it seems to be bits of disc one please advise
so many thanks simon

Dr. Forrester said...

I don't see any troubles at all. Three tracks were left off CD 2 due to the fact that they were officially release elsewhere.

The other 5 songs on CD 2 are exactly as they are listed on the cover art.

The files all verify by the fingerprints.