Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes - V - A Pair of Pre-FM Presentations



Dr. Forrester said...

Show 1 -

Yes - 1996-11-27 Tower Records, Hollywood's Sunset Strip (Superstar Concert Series 97-10) PreFM CD

WestWood One's Superstar Concert Series, 97-10, broadcast date March 3, 1997, Disc 2. (Keys To Ascension plug, undoubtedly.)

(The first disc is redundant to the Wembley 1991-06-29 torrent, either the FM or PreFM CD version)

BTW--This broadcast is below the "Forgotten Yesterdays" radar, or at least I can't find it.


d01t01 America
d01t02 I've Seen All Good People
d01t03 Roundabout
d01t04 Starship Trooper
d01t05 JJJackson Promo (More oriented toward the Wembley side of the show)

Presumed Artists ("The Greatest Line Up in the Band's History" per Mr. JJ Jackson himself):

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass
Steve Howe - Guitar
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Alan White - Percussion

Amazing small venue recording--sounds like they are playing in your living room (but the acoustics are better).

Lineage: PreFM CD -> EAC -> WAV -> Adobe Audition 2.0 (tracks marked, commercials out) -> FLAC -> TLH -> You -> Crank it and enjoy!

Dr. Forrester said...

Show 2 -


ABC Supergroups in Concert: 6/19/82 Broadcast Date PreFM Vinyl. Unknown Date and Venue.*

(* My guess would be the 1976 Solos Tour, but, I've been wrong before. These songs were all played frequently together during the Solos Tour. Heart of the Sunrise was not played during the Relayer Tour, and played only four times during the Tales from Topographic Oceans tour. I've Seen All Good People wasn't played during the Tales tour. Ritual didn't make it to the GFTO or Tormato Tours. And I just don't think Jon sang too much with Yes during the Drama tour.)

BTW--This broadcast is below the "Forgotten Yesterdays" radar. Or at least I can't find it.


ABCt01 Siberian Khatru
ABCt02 I've Seen All Good People
ABCt03 Ritual (Partial)
ABCt04 Heart of the Sunrise

Possible Artist List:

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Patrick Moraz (Keyboards)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)

If not the Solos Tour, then Rick Wakeman would be on keys.

Lineage: PreFm Vinyl -> Digital Video Tape -> AVI -> Adobe Audition 2.0 -> Downsampled to 16-bit -> Ads, few "pops" edited out -> Normalized -> WAV -> FLAC -> TLH -> You -> Enjoy!

The sound quality is really very nice, appropriate for PreFM Vinyl. With that said . . .

A track jump at 3:53 into Siberian Khatru that I couldn't fix (may actually be a cut on the pre-vinyl master tape as there was no "click" or "pop"), and a couple of other oddities in the track that sound like jumps or perhaps muddled edits, but I can't see them on Adobe Audition. Ritual is a very shortened version--missing the middle 12 minutes or so, and different than the "YesShows" version. (Think the radio edit of Roundabout.)