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Yes - 2004-08-31 - Niagara Falls, NY


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Dr. Forrester said...

"In the Way of Tons of Water"
Conference Center
Niagara Falls, NY
August 31, 2004

Disc 1:
01. Firebird Suite 02:51.03
02. Going for the One 05:35.65
03. Sweet Dreams 07:03.93
04. ISAGP false start 01:50.35
05. I've Seen All Good People, cont. 06:55.52
06. South Side of the Sky 10:50.13
07. Close to the Edge 22:28.61
08. Clap 04:16.65
09. Long Distance Runaround 03:39.33
10. LDR reggae version 01:16.72
Total time: 66:47.93

Disc 2:
01. Wonderous Stories 07:36.81
02. Roundabout 05:41.07
03. Owner of a Lonely Heart 04:27.83
04. The Lady is a Tramp 01:46.49
05. And You And I 11:47.72
06. [intro]> 01:24.69
07. Awaken 21:11.35
08. Yours is No Disgrace 13:21.05
Total time: 67:17.01

Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

AT853Rx(c, DIN-A)>AT8533>MP2>D100 (44.1)>AudiophileUSB>

Three patches (in Firebird, CTTE, and Awaken) to cover
extreme local crowd noise were taken from a fellow
taper's recording (CSB>batt box>D8(44.1))

Processing included convert to 32 b.f. format, fades,
notch filter at about 60 Hz to eliminate PA hum, EQ,
Waves L2 with dither to 16 bits. Some crowd noise
before YIND was also deleted. There are a few brief
instances of static from the stage.

I was seated in in the front row of the second
section (26th row), dead center. There was an aisle
in front of me, and the movement of persons through the
aisle can very occasionally be detected as a brief,
minor phasing variance, especially with headphones.
The taper who supplied the patches was seated 6 rows
in front of me, also dead center.