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Yes - 2004-05-04 - Rosemont, IL

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Dr. Forrester said...

"Rosemont '04 - Remaster"

Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL
May 4, 2004


Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Alan White (Drums)

Taper: tmaxxchgo (Dave)
Media: 2CDR (2CDR SHN)
Catalog: Bumblebee Productions BBP 2004-15
Recording: Audience (DAT Master)
Source: CoreSound Cardioid > CoreSound Battery Box (flat) > Sony PCM-M1 (44.1kHz)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M1 > Audiophile 2496 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > Cool Edit 2000 (fades) > CDWave > FLAC


Track Listing:

Disc One:.......................................79:51

Set I:

01. Firebird Suite 1:50
02. Going For the One 5:37
03. Sweet Dreams 6:49
04. I've Seen All Good People 6:58
05. Mind Drive 7:44
06. South Side of the Sky 10:32
07. Turn of the Century 7:58
08. Footprints 1:17
09. Mind Drive (Reprise) 6:47
10. Yours Is No Disgrace 12:49

Set II:
11. The Meeting 2:56
12. Long Distance Runaround 4:15
13. Wonderous Stories 4:14

Disc Two:.......................................79:13

Set II con't:

01. Roundabout 7:47
02. Show Me 4:16
03. Second Initial 4:11
04. Nine Voices^ 3:54
05. Rhythm of Love 6:41
06. And You And I 12:44
07. Ritual 27:33
08. Every Little Thing 5:26
09. Soon 6:37

^with High School Choir

Remaster Notes:

With the taper's permission, I remastered this show. Original FLAC files from Sharingthegroove.org ("STG") were decoded to .wav and remastered.
My initial assessment of this recording was not that good. The recording lacked fidelity, most of the bass region was nonexistent and the crowd was deafening between songs.
However with a bit of EQ tweaking, the recording sounded much better. According to the taper, the mix was very weak and the volume extremely low.
Also, the original recording peaked and clipped in many places. I did my best to remedy the clipping, but some clipping noise remains after the remastering process.
For the thunderous crowd noise, I used some liberal hardlimiting to quiet some loud handclap sounds.

I debated on using compression (Dynamic Processing on CEP) and decided against it. The dynamics in the original recording is great, and I wanted to preserve as much of it as possible rather than compressing the audio.
To achieve some minor manual compression, I limited the original .wav slightly and normalized it to 0dB achieving a fuller sound.
Other fixes include, channel balancing, amplitude adjustments and cross-fading. In order to fit this show onto 2cdrs, I cut some of the encore crowd and cross-faded for a smooth transitions.

Overall the recording initially had great midrange punch and now, it has the needed low end for that classic Yes sound. Hope you enjoy the recording.

Remaster Lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWave > SHN (mkwACT)

-leegeddy (MAY '04)