Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes - 2001-09-01 - Wallingford, CT

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Dr. Forrester said...

September 01, 2001 (Saturday)
Oakdale Music Theatre
Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar & percussion
Steve Howe - guitars, vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals & timpani
Alan White - drums & percussion
Tom Brislin - keyboards, vocals

with William Straumburg conducting members of an unidentified Symphony Orchestra


01) Overture
02) Close To The Edge
03) Long Distance Runaround
04) Don't Go
05) In The Presence Of
06) Gates Of Delirium
07) Corkscrew
08) Mood For A Day
09) Perpetual Change
10) Starship Trooper
11) And You And I
12) Ritual
13) I've Seen All Good People
14) Roundabout

The last of the US dates of this tour to make it out to the trading community on tape, this turns out to be a really great recording, capturing the sound of the hall quite well. No other information was given with this except "from Master" written on the discs. They came to me from marco when trading for david bowie tapes (he personally taped the 3rd supper club tape but had traded for this) It came as a big surprise because it was one of the missing tapes for over a year AND it is a good tape! The guy at the end says "spyder productions". Matt reworked it a bit with Wavlab, made the covers and it was traded far and wide.

Included here is the raw master AND the remaster.